Easy Tips to Promote Your Ecommerce Store with Instagram


Presently, life without social media is a recipe without salt. You can’t stay out of the happenings around you once you are not on social media. And while you have Instagram, you can establish your business on a new and advanced platform. Today, e-commerce sites are growing like mushrooms. They come up with marketing projects that make them award-winning, like how this Japanese shopping app became more than just an ordinary store. People don’t want to face the shopping hazards when they can buy from such sites easily.

Today, e-commerce sites are growing like mushrooms.

You can make your Instagram account a shopping zone for your followers. The most important benefit of using Instagram as your e-commerce store is that you can post images of your products more vividly. The visual impact of any product is stronger than following any written content. Once people get the looks of your products and see the varieties you are providing, they can get attracted to your store and buy more. Here are essential tips that will help to promote your store on Instagram.


  1. Live Videos Can Increase Traffic

Imagine, your customers are confused about buying your products. They have liked it and have also picked the one for them; but still can’t make their mind to buy it truly. If you prepare live videos on exact products they are choosing and those pop up while they are on Instagram, it will be better for them to check the demonstration of the product and make their mind.

  1. Make the Most of Instagram Stories

Earlier, you could post only one image for your real Instagram followers. But, now, the feature, Instagram Stories allows you to post a series of pictures and videos, as well and there is no threat of over-posting too. When you post the images of your product as stories, those will appear as a slideshow and allow users to check all the photos quickly. You can also enhance the images with filters, drawings, clickable links and more.

  1. Sell Directly from Your Instagram Bio

Your Instagram profile is the place where customers feel free to shop. You can also advertise your online store here. The link directs your customers to your bio and website, making it easy for them to choose and buy from your array of products.

What are the Steps in the Registration Process?

Now, while you are on the mission to sell your products on Instagram, there are certain things you have to maintain. To get approval from the Instagram to sell objects, here are the steps to follow.

  • Get approved by Instagram.
  • Convert your Instagram account into your business profile. If you already have a business profile on Instagram, you don’t need to repeat the step.
  • You will get an option to connect your Instagram account to Facebook account.
  • You can sync your Instagram account with Big Commerce channel and catalog.
  • You are done now. You can get the option for tagging products from your Instagram catalog.

Here, you get to know how to promote your trade on Instagram and how to register there. Without wasting your time, start using Instagram as your online store.