How to Choose Quality Movers


A company that provides services such as moving your stuff from one place to another will almost be sure to have their business full from the start. Millions of people move houses and haul their stuff to and from these houses and the gap in between there are filled by moving companies. The multitude of choices will work for the consumer if you know how to take advantage of this availability. There are however some essential considerations before choosing the moving company that you would entrust your items and things to. Read on and find out what things to consider before hiring a team of movers.

Responsiveness to queries

This is one of those that should alert you for any red flags about any company. If they are not responsive while about to get your business, how much more if you already signed over to them. The way they would respond at the onset of your first contact is a good indicator that they are serious about what they are doing. If they are not responsive, move on to the next one.

Inspection and Inventory

When you get past the responsiveness test and when you get a hold of them and schedule,  a reputable company will most probably have to schedule a walkthrough at your home for inventory and items. They would want to take a look at the household items they would have to pack and manage. Respectable moving companies like st augustine movers will actually pack the items themselves. This is actually advisable because if you pack the items yourself, the mover will not be liable for their safety in transit. The only thing to watch out for would be if they charge you separate for the packing materials and labor. This should have already been included in their pricing upfront.

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No large deposits

A reputable moving company will not ask you for a large deposit nor is it any safer doing so. Never pay upfront as you may not have any control over when you will see your belongings again. Always pay after the service has been completed. It just makes so much more sense that way.

Research and References

If your friends or family do not have recommendations, hit the internet and social media. Join online groups and forums and social media groups for the services. The company will probably have an online account. In today’s commercial scene most businesses will have an online presence. Spending just about an hour researching them online will give you a wealth of information. If anyone will have compliments or complaints, it will be in here. 

No hidden Charges

Make sure you cover all the bases with a mover as they will squeeze every penny out of every situation conceivable. For example, moving up through stairs, extra packing materials, labor for packing and so on. Ensure that you ask them that the amount you will be paying will be inclusive of these things and that you will not pay anything extra outside of the contract you signed.