How to List your Products on Amazon without a UPC?


Barcodes are significant for many Amazon sellers since they are utilized to keep an eye on inventory as goods move in and from an FBA warehousing place.

Do you require a barcode on merchandise? In that case, what type, and where would you get it?

Do we require barcodes to list on Amazon?

UPCs will be the most frequent kind of GTIN utilized for sale on

UPCs are typical, but not mandatory for each and every product offered.

The answer is it depends upon the brand that you need to market or the kind that you need to market.

Must checkAmazon UPC codes

Should you market a handmade solution, you could qualify for what is referred to as a GTIN exemption, which means that you don’t require a UPC to record the item on Amazon. (We will get to this soon.)

Otherwise, Amazon currently needs all listed products with no Amazon GTIN exemption for GS1 recorder that is registered. GS1 stands for International Standards 1 and also is a non-profit company which maintains international standards for company communication.

There are codes which can be put on items like Trigger sprayers wholesale, wholesale sanitizers, food items, grocery items and other accessories.

How can you really get a UPC?

There’s a great deal of conflicting advice about how to get a UPC barcode on the Amazon products.

The old manner:

You could buy UPCs (only digital listings of numbers) out of eBay vendors or alternative third party sellers for just a few bucks per barcode.

The issue with doing so was that lots of UPCs were faked, and so were actually previously related to various brands which causes difficulties with products getting mismatched, recorded incorrectly, or generated duplicate listings.

By way of instance, you’re promoting a Sports product as well as the UPC you purchased matches a toy manufacturer new.

That won’t fly Amazon. Amazon started regulating the codes utilized to make sure each item is distinguished, which aided sellers using codes which matched their brand precisely and caused confusion for shoppers.

Should you continue to utilize erroneous UPCs, Amazon can suppress your record or suspend your vendor account.


The brand new way:

In other words, buy them via GS1.

Applying for GTIN exemption is a fantastic short-term remedy to receive your products which don’t have a barcode recorded on Amazon.

In case you would like to construct a lasting brand in the long run, for example listing other marketplaces into a physical shop, it’s strongly recommended you buy a GS1 barcode farther down the road.

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