How to Select the Best Air Sanitiser?


Did you know that indoor air is ten times more polluted than outside? Sterilizing indoor air can provide health benefits for you and your family. You know that an air sanitiser commercial use can help remove particles from the air particles that cause allergies and asthma, and particles that carry viruses and bacteria. There are many types of air sanitisation systems to choose from. Which one will help get rid of allergies? What are you looking for in a quality air sanitiser?

Ultraviolet (UV) technology

Ultraviolet (UV) technology has been around for many years, but more recently it has been used more effectively for air purification. UV rays create very low ozone and ionization levels when combined with a blend of cleaning hydroxylases for highly effective sterilization of air and surfaces. The units are usually quiet with a small fan. These devices are attractive because they require no cleaning or maintenance other than an annual or semi-annual replacement of the UV lamp.

Now that you have a basic understanding of some of the most common types of cleaners, you’re ready for this handy checklist to find the perfect cleaner for you!

1) What is the size of the area that the cleaner effectively cleans? (500 square feet is a standard size bedroom) Do you need multiple apartments?

2) Are there any replacement parts, filters or panels? How difficult is it to change or clean? Find out the prices for these parts!

3) Is it noisy or is it a breeze? Does it have a strong ozone smell? These are important concerns if your family finds these things annoying and constantly turns off the device.

4) If a device is available through a tiered company and although it may be considered to be of better quality than a store bought device, it should be noted that the price is usually too high to accommodate payments to all people in the organization. Will it be easy to make repairs if needed?

5) What is the warranty period?

6) Is scientific research available on the effectiveness of the sterilization process?

7) Are there any certificates? Is there a free trial available? Sometimes just trying it out at home is the best way to find out how you like it.

The air sanitiser commercial use has changed the lifestyle of our family! We breathe better, sleep better, get sick less and control our allergies and asthma better! We won’t live with anyone! We breathe every minute … Shouldn’t the air be clean?