Rent a copier for your business


As the office equipment goes, a photocopier or a printer is a pretty essential staple. But, as with many other things, what can work for one business may not be right for another person. In fact, a lot of business persons make a mistake by buying a large as well as expensive copier even when their needs are very much low or are for short terms. For many people, renting a photocopier, either temporarily or for long term use makes much more sense. Now you can hire copier sydney at our site comparison advantage.

Why rent a photocopier?

Before buying or hiring a photocopier you should ask yourself about the type of copier you want, that is whether you want a colour and black and white or you want only black and white copier. One of the most common reasons that business people rent photocopiers is flexibility. By renting a copier you can avoid a large number of upfront costs as well as ongoing maintenance fees. Your rental contracts may range from a few days to three years, so you can hire copier Sydney for as much long as you want to and need it.

Some of the situations in which business people believe to rent a copier rather than buying it are-

  1. Conferences
  2. Exhibitions
  3. Trade shows and expos
  4. Annual taxes
  5. Audits
  6. Legal work
  7. Contract work
  8. School exams
  9. Events

10.Long business meetings



13.Annual reports

14.Large projects

15.Charitable events

16.Building site offices

17.Temporary buildings


Best photocopiers in Sydney

What type of photocopier should you rent?

The kind of photocopier your office needs will depend on the total volume of copies you require and also any extra features as well. rental copiers are usually classified as low, medium or high volume. In order to get the best kind of deal, you should first look out for the total number of pages you will require to copy every month.

  1. Low volume (mono)

Functionality- it has basic hardware

                          It has a scanner

  1. Low volume (colour)

Functionality- it has basic hardware

                          It has a colour scanner

  1. Mid volume

Functionality- it has advanced hardware

                          It has to fax

                          It has a colour scanner/ printer and much more

  1. High volume

Functionality- it has state-of-the-art hardware

                          It has to fax

                          It has stapling and binding

                          It consists of large paper trays

                          It consists of hi-def. colour printing

                          It also has a network capability

                           It has automatic document management and much more functions are available in this type.

Whether you choose any of these, always remember to evaluate your needs first so that you can select the best copier for your office for rent.