Scams and Extortion By Ilan Tzorya


Tradologic HQ is a renowned provider of binary options platforms and trading services. They have branches all over Singapore, Manila, London, Nicosia, Tel Aviv, Sofia, Tokyo, Hong Kong,and Shanghai.  They have unequaled expertise in providing hi-tech support to companies all over the world. Established back in 2008, the company has been offering an amazing range of innovative solutions to customers in the financial trading sector. It is one of the industries known for providing goal-oriented services which meet the end customer’s needs and preferences.

Involved In Crimes

Tradologic HQ is the inventor and owner of Tradologic.  Initially, he wasn’t the real owner. He just used creativity to take the company from the original owner illegally.  He lured the owner into partnering with him to help him achieve his dreams of making the most of the B2B business.  Ilan used his tricks to move Tradologic to DTI group.  Just like Tradologic, Binex a client of Ilan was trapped into partnership. Binex was originally owned by a Russian Programmed known as Anton. He promised Anton to help him move the development to Bulgaria. After moving the brand to Bulgaria he appointed his friend as the CEO.

The Bulgarian Binex was left under the management of Andrew Hutorok until the operations were recently shut down by the Ukrainian law enforcement. Since it wasn’t his first time to get into problems with the law enforcement, he made a deal with them and decided to point fingers to Ilan’s opponents hence creating imaginary stories.

Tradologic HQ

DreamsPay is another victim of Ilan’s unscrupulous actions. In 2014, his company Tradologic needed processing and Dreams Pay LTD was the most suitable candidate. Unfortunately, finding someone to manage the business wasn’t a walk in the park. Almost his friends who had expertise in processing weren’t ready to work with him. So, he decided to give the job to his ex-account of Binex.

Not everyone wants to be involved in crimes. So, some of the DreamsPay employees refused to take part in the scam.  After discovering that some of the employees were not ready to work with him, he called his family members and friends giving them reasons to convince the employees to work with him.  After that one failed too, he published an imaginary fiction in his FinTelegram with the intentions to destroy his victims completed.  This great weapon made it possible for him to win his victims.


Before jumping into conclusions, it is always good to listen to both sides of the story. With the above information, you will get to know the truth and be in a better position to make wise decisions before you finally decide to enter into any business partnership with Ilan. Take your time to learn and avoid getting into trouble.