World Problem: Supporting Food Production Innovators


The population is growing, so are the demands of people for food to be eaten every day. The more the number of lives arises in the world, the more food production becomes essential. As for the record, the innovators foresee that the population will grow twice and that scarcity of food will possibly arise.

The big problem nowadays is that the amount of food that the future world produces is not enough to cater to the whole population. The food tech venture capital firms and other innovators also lose hope in creating a product to resolve such problems. Thus, the only solution the entrepreneurs have considered is to support startups focusing on innovating a product in line with food production.

The best offer for food production innovators

A whole eighty thousand US Dollars will be given to support the startup’s project that meets the conditions. In addition, startups that have completed the evaluation and have presented their product will receive support and other benefits.

The team that passes will be given a hand to find investors and fundraising for the project. Technical refinement is provided to ensure that the agtech venture capital product is ready to be set on the market. Lastly, The product will be commercialized and introduced to large companies and new markets in the country.

The investment verticals to follow

Supporting an investor is not only choosing a unique and cool invention or product. A startup should present a timely, valuable, and aligned with the investment verticals. A high chance of being accepted as a startup if the product is one of these:

  • Agricultural Technology
  • Alternative protein and Sustainable food packaging
  • Food Waste Solutions
  • Novel Ingredients and Restaurant technology
  • Food delivery
  • Food Supply chain and Food technology Saas

The vertical investments are based on the products that will help agriculture produce more. Some technology and inventions are accepted as long as they will help the environment get clean. Products like this will be a big help in the future, especially in producing food that will cater to billions of people.

The requirement to qualify as a Startup Team

The team should have two co-founders; these two people should have enough experience in the industry. It does not matter where the startup is located as long as it can give a product aligned with the verticals. In addition to that, the product should have a business model. It should be interesting that it will get the attention of the people present in the new market.

Another requirement to take note of is that the product is valid for fundraising traction. Next is that the products are based on food technology and production. Lastly, the most important is that the product should be near ready to be presented and shown in public.