A Close Glimpse at Africa’s Oil & Gas Industry: Challenges You May Face


Africa is a humongous and complex country. It’s the second largest continent and second most populous according to Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Africa. It has 54 recognized and sovereign states with various laws and regulations.

Thus, if you are looking into lubricant and oils in Africa within the resource-rich Republic of Zambia in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in particular, it is of good jurisprudence to perform some initial research and information gathering regarding its laws when it comes to oil manufacturing.  The best course of action is to research companies that have already established trusted relationships and knowledge of the industry within the region itself.

Africa’s Abundant Natural Resources Is Worth Examining In More Detail

The continent is famous for its gold and diamond production, but South Africa itself has truly become an up and coming emerging worldwide market in oil and petroleum that many have taken notice going on nearly 3 decades as of this time.

Zambia itself appears to be possible upcoming giant within the oil and lubricant business in the 21st Century.

Get Familiar With The Rules Of The Road

If you plan on succeeding in any venture; particularly in oil manufacturing, it’s truly a wise idea to understand a region’s laws and regulatory guidelines among other items before embarking on such a venture, obviously enough.

With this in mind, we place our focus upon the Republic of Zambia in a little more detail. The region in the Congo had many different kingdoms and federation associations for hundreds of years. Once known as Northern Rhodesia; the Republic changed its name to Zambia today once they gained independence from Great Britain in 1964.

Out of the recognized 54 African republics, Zambia is stated to have the 18th largest GNP as of 2018 with a population of over 16 million. It is mostly considered safe to travel about as well as live and work within overall.

For oil manufacturing regulation guidelines; here is an informative link to examine in further detail that can give you an idea what you would encounter when doing business here within the Republic

Practice Both Patience And Formality When Doing Business In Zambia And The Republic Of The Congo

Not only can you garnish valuable information about the regulations of oil manufacturing in the republic with the locals within the industry you encounter; but by utilizing proper decorum and protocol; you can obtain valuable alliances and even close friendships to the ones you deal with. Like in many Asian, South Pacific Island and in many African republics overall, they have ancient cultures and customs. Being in a hurry or impatient may lead to some frustration as some have reported.

It does not at all appear that difficult to conduct business here in the Congo Republics as history has shown going back to the 1800s in reference to Great Britain’s initial partnerships among those within the region back then and on up to today’s time. If you take a moment or two of research, speak with local representatives within the oil industry and maintain an open mind with some patience, you may just find that it can turn out to be an enlightening, and even enjoyable, experience.