All about order fulfilment process


Generally, order fulfilment is nothing but since the order takes place and delivering properly to the customer within the scheduled date. This is a kind of process start from the order booking to the final delivery to the customer. You may have come across real-time examples of online shopping. If you book an order, then the right delivery is done on time. This comes under order fulfilment. Of course, there are many steps are involved in the entire process of scheduled order delivery. Taking this major aspect into consideration, there are order fulfilment services or companies are acquired their popular place in the market today. Especially the orders like 3PL warehousing in Australia is also delivered to the customers in time.

3PL warehousing in Australia

Remember that this kind of e-commerce business is highly competitive in the market nowadays. Choosing the best licensed and reputable order fulfilment companies is much tricky too. Especially some orders like 3PL warehousing in Australia are also serviced to their customers within the desired manner and with scheduled delivery. This is why some companies are also maintaining warehouse management systems too to process these orders to their customers.

The procedure of order fulfilment in brief

Generally as same as online shopping business sites, the order fulfilment is done. But when comes to 3PL (third-party logistics), the order fulfilment is entirely different. There is a sequence of steps that will be happened when booking the order online to 3PL especially.

  • Firstly, if you book an order to the 3PL inventory, then the service companies will resume the process of receiving your order and store the inventory you ordered with the merchant documentation simultaneously. Finally proper arrangement of the items according to the order booked and then go with the second step of shipping the order. Remember that not every 3PL has the same way of inventory management as you find different 3PL’s in the order fulfilment centers.
  • Here picking team will receive the order details with the assistance of the 3PL order fulfilment system to pick the order. You know some 3PL’s do charges you money for packing the order material. Of course, some third-party logistics do allow your ordered materials got packed in the name of your business company boxes label. Mostly, brown boxes are allowed to pack the materials you ordered. You know if you hire any order fulfilment services, they will charge you money for this packing but they will price you in the name of their overall services list.
  • Here 3PL buy shipping labels on behalf of the merchant side to complete the process of shipping. If you choose the right order fulfilment provider, they prefer the definite carrier that offers a reasonable shipping price. This is why choosing your outsourcing fulfilment services assists you to get your order shipped directly from 3PL fulfilment services. It means here the carrier will be helpful to pick up the order directly. Finally, the pricing of the order fulfilment pricing will be varied based on your company’s needs or requirements. Finally, you can get the alerts of order tracking shipment information.


Hope the above information is somehow helpful when you want to bother about order fulfilment to 3PL providers especially.