An Effective Internal Communications App for the Entire Workforce


Everyone is using their mobile devices nowadays, and it’s the best way to communicate with everyone. Organizations can make use of this by using an internal communication app that the entire workforce can use. Build a strong foundation with your employees by giving them a tool that they can use every day to keep them engaged with their colleagues, no matter how near or far. Everyone must be aligned, informed, and are aware all the time – using a rich and motivational internal communication app that helps cut through barriers, time zone differences, and organizational silos.’s internal communications tool is designed for the mobile workforce to keep them alert and updated all the time. It’s an award-winning app that bridges the digital divide in your company to bring everyone together. If you want your workforce to be heard and if you want them to listen to you, can help you with that.

Your Employees Will Never Miss Out on Anything Ever Again

Without an internal communication tool, your employees are always not aware of the new changes until it’s too late. A high percentage of an organization’s workforce would always say that they miss out on information and news about their company. This communication gap affects their productivity and how they work. Make them feel valuable through’s internal communication app, which you can use to post important announcements and messages. Broadcast important information to your employees. Onboarding is effortless. You need their email address or mobile phone to use the app. There’s no learning curve, so everyone gets to use it.

internal communication app

You can now share news, policy changes, performance reports, company events, and so much more. Pin it on top of the feed so everybody can see it. Enable push notifications and let them know through SMS and email for maximum reach. Everything is possible, thanks to excellent internal communication software by

Maintain Relevance & Cut Through Barriers

A company with employees worldwide will understandably have language barriers and encounter problems with different time zones. Even if everyone is on the same platform, there will still be problems with understanding each other when faced with a multilingual workforce. To keep everyone on the same page, ensured that the automatic translations could easily translate all communications and messages to the employee’s language of choice. Now, everyone can understand each other no matter what the culture or geography.

You can also avoid information overload by creating a targeted delivery. Don’t waste another employee’s time by posting information after another. The people you want to read the information can easily skip it and not know it’s relevant. You can create groups by role, department, location, etc., to guarantee a higher rate of information consumption.