Brian Ferdinand – Why Should Businesses Stay Loyal to Their Vision


Business leaders should always be alert and ensure their company has a vision so that it stays on track towards the accomplishment of that business vision. The employees and staff must ensure their actions are aligned with the business vision. This ensures that the business ship sails in the correct direction even if encountered with hindrances and struggles.

Brian Ferdinand – Encouraging morale in employees

Brian Ferdinand is a widely respected entrepreneur, business consultant, and real estate investor in the Greater New York Area of the USA. He is the Managing Partner of CorpHousing, a leading name in short term rental apartments in America. When it comes to the business vision of a company, he says every leader should inspire his employees’ morale. In fact, a business team is like an army with a leader. The leader needs to be an example and instill morale in the employees of the company. This helps them to work hard and focus on the goals of the organization.

Inspiring employee morale

They can work in sync with the business vision and be aware of their individual roles and tasks. A good business leader will go the extra mile to appreciate good work done by employees so that confidence and employee morale are raised. This helps the company to get things done without the need for material forms of motivation like monetary incentives perks and more.

The need to embrace diversity when you are leading your company

The business leadership influences the company to embrace diversity to accomplish its goals. Some companies embrace diversity optimally for growth while some do not. This is obviously not by choice but due to a lack of sound leadership skills in business. Note, good business leaders will always have space for diversity.

What does diversity in business mean?

Diversity means the employment of millennials, women, and minorities in the company in such a way that they are guided by the business leadership team to produce positive actions for the above. Good companies will have extensive policies on inclusion. This is where business leaders need to ensure the company embraces and maintains diversity.  In case there is an issue that pertains to diversity, it needs to be addressed to the Board of Directors of the company.

In the opinion of Brian Ferdinand, when it comes to the subject of diversity, it is not limited to the level of employees; it needs to be addressed to the level of the Board of Directors. Business leaders need to be efficient when communicating new directions pertaining to business strategies for the company. This communication should be done via emails, meetings with employees, and memos. There should never be any room for ambiguity, and in case there are doubts, they should be clarified immediately. In this way, business leaders can effectively stay true to the business vision. The employees stay inspired, and the company consistently grows to establish its presence and gain a strategic edge in the market over time.