Create custom screens more engaging to customers


In the exhibition stand, you can configure many elements, including the stand itself. The salon can be made attractive using the right lighting and the right colors. Images, graphs, and screens can be customized. Besides, the content on the screen can be effectively customized to meet the marketing requirements of your business. Custom screens work best when they don’t seem too bright and when you use the right lighting and warm colors and place the screens at the right height.

Before creating screens, make sure that you note the size and area of ​​the cabin. Thus, you can get screens that fit perfectly into space and do not make the cabin overloaded or strange.

How to make your screen appealing to your audience?

Lighting: Lighting is without a doubt an important factor in adjusting the screen. Lighting adds a lot of visual appeals and, above all, helps customers easily see and read their screens. A well-lit cabin can attract more people. Using lighting that improves the visual appeal of your stand, you put the screen’s insight. You can also use light shields, lights, illuminated signs or spotlights for this purpose. It is a good idea to add your company logo on the screens.

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Color: color plays an important role in attracting visual attention to an audience with just a glance. Monochrome images tend to be visually interesting compared to colored lights, vibrant fabrics, and banners. All you have to do is just turn on the color for your company logo. Using the color of the logo, create a great, consistent color theme around your exhibit booth. Or you can use the color of the logo to make it look unique. Colors such as blue and green often look sophisticated and professional, while colors such as yellow, red, orange, and purple can help visually attract attention if used properly.

Sound and movement

Well, the integration of sound and movement may seem like an unrealistic idea when it comes to exhibitions. However, this can serve as a sensory appeal to attract customers. Include a sound system on your screens. Good background music that can be heard can help you make an attractive and effective custom displays, pedestal & plinth specialist. Similarly, movement can be very effective in stealing customer attention. Colored currents, moving objects or synchronized laser beams can quickly attract the attention of the public.

It is easy to find unique screens for the next fair. Many suppliers specialize in creating custom exhibits of your choice. Specialists will receive a portfolio of their work from previous exhibitions. These portfolios are a great source of ideas for lighting commercial stands. By choosing custom screens, you increase your traffic and stand out among competing companies.

When it comes to custom screens, you must hire a professional and reliable company that gives you the best results. Custom displays offers the best in the market when it comes to custom screens.