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General Electric is a technology and financial services company. It works through the following sectors: Power, Renewable Energy, Aviation, Healthcare, and Capital. The Power division deals solutions, technologies, and services related to energy production, which includes generators, gas and steam turbines, and power generation services. The Renewable Energy segment delivers hardware & software, wind turbine platforms, offshore wind turbines, solutions, blades for onshore & offshore wind turbines, products & services to hydro power industry, and high voltage equipment. The Aviation part provides maintenance, component repair, and overhaul services, and replacement parts, plane engines & turboprops for commercial air-frames, additive machines & materials, and engineering services. The Healthcare subdivision provides healthcare machinery in medical imaging, drug discovery, bio pharmaceutical manufacturing technologies, digital solutions, patient monitoring, and diagnostics, and performance enhancement solutions. The Capital segment aircraft engines and helicopters, leases & finances aircraft, and also affords financial and guarantee solutions. GE News Today at https://www.webull.com/newslist/nyse-ge  provides excellent truths about GE stock.

GE News Today

GE Financial Payment Plan

Webull believes that technology allows dealers to be more profitable helping to develop their user’s financial freedom. Technology also enables us to give clear and up-front prices with 0 commission trades and no deposit minimums. GE stock makes money the same way every other broker makes money, but with one fewer revenues line item commissions. To uphold the lights on, they raise the back end revenue streams that every other broker uses to produce revenue. Simply, put these are stock loans, interest on free credit balances, margin interest, and payment for order flow. GE News Today provides additional information about Webull stock rewards.

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