Five crafty ways of Managing wastes in the surrounding


World waste management study shows that approximately 333 557 plastic tones are tossed into the seas and oceans annually. The most toxic and hazardous threat to aquatic habitats and land wildlife is plastic pollution. Ezybin Company has implemented the most effective solution for waste management to save land habitats and marine life.

Additionally, a massive number of plastic productions have contributed to a dilution increase of organic resources and fossil fuels burning. Waste management companies worldwide have come up with various ways of controlling plastic waste disposal, especially in the ocean. Using plastic has become unavoidable, given that many companies have found it more affordable.

 But other many companies have encouraging reusing plastics to reduce the rate of their production. Here are different crafty ways that have been used to reduce plastic materials:


Refilling plastic jugs

Plastic orange juice containers, milk jugs, and gallons of water have been used for punches and lemonades. Although it is not encouraged to use them mainly for drinking, it does not mean they should be thrown into the dust bin. Instead, they encourage refilling them with non-consumable products such as dishwashing detergent, glue, or the anti-freeze mix.

Make use of the plastic bags

Plastic bags are another severe problem not only in waste management companies but also the society at large. Most of them are not biodegraded, and finally, they usually end up in streams and oceans. Luckily, they can be reused in various ways to reduce more of its production. Some people reuse it for carrying school lunch, designing fashionable bags and purses, booties over the shoes, piping cake decoration bags, and much more.

Converting water bottles to wire

Each day people dispose of plastic water bottles into the landfill or waste management facility. Plastic soda and water contain thicker plastic, and they are suitable for creating a wire that can be used to make industrial scissors, utility knives, wire cutters, and thin plastic strips. They makeshift wire and prevent buying and the use of plastic zip ties.

Keeping bottle caps

Soda bottle caps and plastic jugs are challenging to recycle. However, they are used for various projects like making push sewing cushion ring, air decoration projects, making jewels like necklaces, rings, and earrings. Other people are fusing them to create a pill holder. Most bottle tops aren’t biodegradable. That’s why they mostly linger in the waste management facilities. Additionally, larger bottle caps have been used severally as the buffer between the flooring and furniture, especially on the carpet and fine-grain wood.

The alternative of minimizing plastic waste

Waste management scientists, companies, and environmentalists have agreed that plastic waste has been one of the world’s significant problems. That’s why Ezybin, as one of the concerned company implement a waste management app to join hand in handling this problem.