How To Process Singapore Permanent Residency Legally?


If you are planning to apply for permanent residency in Singapore, it is best to read through the document list to prepare all the documents. The documents and other supporting explanatory notes must be completed and prepared to apply for PR in Singapore. Thus, it is essential to prepare all these important files for the processing of the application to avoid getting rejected.

Singapore permanent residence application

Singapore PR application must be done legally. Never negotiate with fast transactions to avoid getting scammed or fooled by someone. TIP provides a comprehensive document checklist for PR application in Singapore. Contact them today for a free consultation.

Who is TIP?

TIP provides assistance to all applicants of Singapore PR. Applicants can reach the team to assist with the comprehensive coverage for the permanent residence document checklist. There should be a sheer amount of paperwork and documents required. How can they help? Applicants will undergo a comprehensive review to make sure that all the papers or documents meet the reviewing authorities’ standards.

The TIP helps the applicants to prepare all the documents that successfully meet the ICA’s requirements. ICA has standard requirements followed to check on the applicants’ documents. Keep in mind that ICA might be strict, but if you have all the documents, then you can’t be rejected. Expect that the application will be approved earlier than expected.

TIP can eliminate all the applicants’ stress and hassle to these experienced immigration consultants. TIP provides a comprehensive document checklist for PR applications in Singapore. Applicants must follow all comprehensive documents needed to make the application go smoothly.

Permanent Residency

The mandatory PR application documents

The mandatory PR application documents are the requirements provided by the applicants. These are paperwork that should be valid and legal to process the application easily and fast. Legally speaking, applicants are required to prepare and complete all these mandatory PR application documents. Once failed to do so, applicants will be rejected. But, if you are confident that you have all these documents, never hesitate to ask for the assistance of TIP.

Here are the different types of mandatory PR application documents:

  • Photo
  • Identification
  • Academic qualifications
  • Translation of documents
  • Employer’s information
  • Declaration forms
  • Other supporting documents

Take note: Married applicants will be asked to provide some other supporting documents, such as official marriage certificate, divorce certificate, child(ren)’s custody papers, spouse’s valid travel documents, and more. If you are including your children, then some other additional documents for your child(ren) are also prepared.

There are some other non-mandatory papers or documents, such as the cover letter, proof of social integration, recommendation letters, insurance policies held locally, bank accounts, and more. Prepare all these to make sure that the Singapore PR application you filed will be approved.