Joseph Cianciotto Discusses the Importance Of Advertising


Good advertising and marketing has become almost indispensable elements of the contemporary corporate environment.  In its essence, advertising can be referred to as the action of attracting public attention to a good, service or idea with the help of paid announcements that is done by an identified sponsor. The system of advertising is popular across the globe, and especially in large cities like New York. Joseph Cianciotto mentions that the system of advertising goes a long way in increasing the awareness and popularity of a particular product among people, while encouraging them to make purchases.

Joseph Cianciotto mentions the factors that make advertising crucial to a business

Just about all businesses need to advertise in order to survive and thrive in the contemporary corporate environment. Joseph Cianciotto mentions that to get optimal results from advertising people must be efficiently able to create awareness about their product or services with the help of good content with a call to action, and subsequently be focused on measuring leads and conversion rates in a competent fashion.  Cianciotto is a New York based professional working in the sphere of advertising.  He is considered to be one of the leading advertisements and marketing experts of the US, and hence has a good idea about this domain.  He hails from New York and completed his graduation in the subject of Visual Communication from the Carnegie Mellon University. Over the years he has worked in multiple reputed advertising agencies like the DDB NY, Translation and D’Arcy Worldwide. In his long and rewarding career he has managed to be a part of the advertising campaigns of multiple prestigious Fortune 500 Brands which includes Unilever, ExxonMobil and Electrolux.

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The years of Joseph Cianciotto in the field of advertising has made him realize how important this sphere is in the contemporary business domain.  Based on his experience he mentions some of the factors that make advertising crucial to a business. Here are a few of those factors:

  • Advertising is one of the only medium of marketing that a company can control. If they desire their message to hit the public on the day of their product launch or some special event, advertising would be the perfect vehicle to get it done.
  • By proper advertising a company can send a tailored message to a selected audience with whom they have a greater connection.  This system enables companies to directly reach their target demographic and send them a message that can adequately engage and interest them.
  • Advertising is one of the best and most effective ways to create awareness about a certain product in the market. People would not purchase a product unless they are actually aware of it, and the functions it performs. Through effective marketing techniques companies can ensure that their target audience is well aware of the important aspects of the products sold by them.

Advertising plays a key role in generating brand loyalty among the target market, and create a long lasting connection with the patrons.