Recently, the state of Washington DC has been suffering from a critical problem of fake ID generating by common people in the state.There are so many reasons why it has becomea headache for the government. Most importantly, it is very dangerous in the term of exploiting criminal activities but it became even more abject when terrorist use it to hide their identity. Apart from these serious issue college students are taking more interestinhave a fake ID to get into the local bar or casino. Well, it looks so cool, but there are many cases regarding the identity theft around the whole state.

There is many online sites as well as physical platform, from where a person could get the order of Washington fake id which looks as similar as the original identity card. There are many websites which givea guarantee that the fake one will be as flawless as the original one, just you need to give the info and according to that, the fake ID provider agency will make a fake ID for you.

Tricks to check fake ID

Well, it is easy to check original licenses in our own state, but when we have said to check the same thing out-of-state licenses, it demands courage and experience to catch the frauds. Hence one should have proper knowledge about the original ID card. There are many fraud people out there, whose work is to make fool other person and earn money. To tackle this fake ID problem the united state had announced a guideline, which includes the proper pattern, size, and many other essential features of an original ID card. Luckily, it is small and portable that you can carry it anywhere and when you need it, you can simply use.

Fake ID’s is not so legal

Washington State law, have various penalties regarding using a fake ID. For example, if you are under age and unfortunately found guilty to hide identity by using the fake id in a bar, you’re driving license will be hacked for 90 days along with a fine rangebetween $250 to $1000. In other cases of fake id accuse get the order to do community service for minimum 25 hr.

There is another example, if you have given your ID as a loan to same one, it is also not legal in Washington and it would cost you the same trouble as above. The law against fake ID is so strict that if you found guilty, you should immediately hire a law attorney because it can spoil your life.

The real feature of the Original ID cards

To know more about the fake Id one should know about the main feature of the real IDs. The real IDcard hasa validity of 6 years and it is made up of Teslin material. Every card has its own license number for identification purpose which consists of seven alphabets along with five digits with no space. On the back side of the id, it consists ofa two-dimensional barcode. There will be the state seal created by UV ink, along with a ghost picture of the candidate onthe front side.


It is not legal to buy Washington fake ID or to sell a fake ID in Washington because it is considered as a serious crime over there. There is a law against fake ID as this crime is increasing day by day. Hence, it is pleasurable to enjoy with fake ID until or unless you are not caught, otherwise it is an abject offense.