Mladen Djankovich on Why Entrepreneurs Should Value Innovation More Than Anything


Enterprises and businesses of different sizes make up the world’s economy.  All types of businesses play a role in helping the economy thrive, as business leaders—with their ingenuity—enable the market to adapt to the ever-changing needs and wants of the market.

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The global market is an extremely competitive arena, and the only way to emerge victorious is by having innovative ideas.  Innovation is at the core of entrepreneurship.  Business leaders are set apart from the rest of the pack when they are able to lead their enterprise toward having exceptional products while also maintaining a reputable name.  According Mladen Djankovic, a successful serial-entrepreneur, being an innovator takes a ton of effort, time, and commitment.  Business leaders don’t always come up with something new. Most of the time, their ideas help enhance a product or a service.

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Spending a fortune on research and development does not necessarily guarantee an abundance of innovative ideas.  Competition drives business leaders to come up with better solutions than their competitors’. Repeated trials, countless presentations, and never-ending walk-throughs are required before an innovative idea, turned product or service, becomes ready for the market.

An innovative person is skilled at coming up with different ways to go about fulfilling the needs of the business’s target market or accomplishing certain processes. Innovation and vision are quite similar in the sense that they both supply forethought to a person. Innovative entrepreneurs are also known to think outside of the box, and they know all too well that there are several ways to reach an intended destination.

Small businesses benefit from innovation— it’s their ticket to play in the big arena.  Basic needs have pushed, and are still pushing, entrepreneurs to come up with better ways to evolve with the times.  Moreover, the business arena would not be thriving if not for the brilliant minds of entrepreneurs, whose ideas go up against each other to provide society with the best solutions.

Many people may have one or two of these characteristics, but seldom and ever so rare are the individuals who exhibit all these qualities. And it’s these individuals, Mladen Djankovic notes, that take over the business world, for better or worse.

Mladen Djankovich is a successful entrepreneur, marketer, and consumer trend expert based in Los Angeles, CA.  He is the CEO of Rocking Inc. and co-founder of its subsidiary RockerMama LLC.  For more on Mr. Djankovich, visit this page.