Online Police Checks For Individuals


In the past, if a person wanted to check whether or not they had any criminal offenses on their record, they would have to go into a police station and request that information physically. This allowed them to see only their criminal history information – someone with an extensive criminal history who was inquiring about themselves could leave without seeing anyone else’s criminal history. Police departments at times still opt not to provide individuals with this kind of information over concerns of identity theft.

A police check is an essential report on an individual’s criminal history. They can be obtained from any police service, either paid for or free of charge, depending on the country that you are requesting one from. Previously, these reports were only available in person at your local police station, with physical identification and payment being required at that time. Nowadays, it is possible to obtain free online police checks by applying through various websites providing this service. This eliminates the need to visit a police station physically.

national police check

Many websites offer national police check services, so it is essential to choose carefully as some offer minimal information while others provide more detailed information. Once you have found the site which provides the most detailed report for you, they will most likely ask you to register and create a profile. Next, they will ask for your name and address and ask for identification verifying that you are the correct person.

Once you have registered and paid the fee, depending on each service, they will contact the police department in charge of doing your report for more information. If you decide to use one of those websites offering a free online check, make sure it is not a scam.

Today, it is possible to conduct online police checks. All needed for this type of search is a person’s full name and date of birth, along with an email address where the results can be sent. The information is entered into a national database that has access to all records across Canada. This will provide individuals with their criminal record history and any outstanding warrants or charges against them.

A more detailed check can also be conducted, revealing previous addresses, aliases used by that person in the past, and even information about family members who have criminal convictions recorded against them under the same surname. Police officers do not see any private details such as credit card numbers or social insurance numbers. As long as there is no active arrest warrant, people can conduct these searches online.

Having a criminal record does not mean that a person poses a threat to others or can no longer be trusted. However, schools and employers need to have access to the complete picture when considering an applicant to make an informed decision based on all of the available information. Conducting online police checks efficiently can provide this information in minutes with little risk of identity theft.