Pallet racking Systems in UK – Choosing the Right System


Pallet racking systems in UK are popular because of their durable nature and the flexibility of their storage options. Each company is looking for ways to improve efficiency and reduce expenses by making better use of its existing space. Efficient pallet racking systems offer multiple levels of vertical storage and simplify storage and retrieval processes. Designed to meet the specific needs of your business, the industry standard mobile pallet racking UK will save you money by improving the use of space, improving employee ergonomics and reducing milestones and delays in key work processes.

Pallet racking

Pallet racking systems are the most common and least expensive storage systems for large stores. The pallet rack is designed to store large quantities of material on pallets or skates while effectively utilizing the available vertical space. Common types of selective shelving in UK include drive, drive, discharge and pallet flow systems. Selectively rolled shelves are popular because the shelves can easily be adjusted to sizes to suit different load types and sizes. Forklifts are an essential part of a pallet racking system for loading and unloading heavy pallets.

Pallet racking system

Sliding shelving

Sliding shelving systems offer an excellent storage solution for heavy or difficult to handle items in tight spaces. When used in an area with an aerial crane or an integrated gantry crane, a great advantage is the ability to access multiple levels of elements without a forklift. This allows users to store twice as much in half the space and significantly improve employee ergonomics. When used to store tools, such as injection molds, sliding frame systems can reduce tool change times by up to 50%. Standard sizes are available in several manufactures, but only the appropriate storage systems manufacture models in custom sizes and shelf load capacities in manual and pneumatic models.

Automated storage

Automated storage and retrieval systems are an excellent option for storing and accessing items through a variety of computer controlled systems that automatically place and retrieve items from specific locations. Not only can this speed up preparation operations, it can also improve inventory rotation when it is properly organized. System types include fixed runners and vertical carousels / vertical lift modules.


When it comes to improving the processes and costs of material handling in manufacturing facilities, distribution centers or warehouses, pallet racking systems play an important role to save space and improve operations. It has been proven time and again that companies that have the foresight to invest in the right mobile pallet racking UK experience a positive return on investment. Regardless of the material or object that you want to store, choosing the right pallet racking system in UK will save your business money by improving the use of space, improving employee ergonomics and improving productivity.