Plan before death


A professional estate planning company that offers bespoke and personal services, ranging from Funeral Pre-Planning to Will Writing, to ensure that you and your assets are appropriately cared for, whether you are alive or have passed away, by ensuring that your estate is planned correctly. Learn more about will writing services.

In life, every one of us travels a unique path, yet ultimately, we all end up in the same place

Why do we prepare for every other aspect of our lives, such as celebrations and retirement, yet neglect to make preparations for the ultimate and most significant stage of our lives? In recent years, the practice of pre-arranging one’s funeral services has been less socially frowned upon. In addition to providing you with the freedom to decide how you would want to say goodbye, it also ensures that your loved ones won’t have to worry about anything during this time of transition.

will writing services

Create the kind of legacy you wish to leave by writing it down. The TLC Pre-planning team in Singapore will assist you in planning based on your preferences, from writing a will to establishing a trust to designing a mortuary or memorial service that reflects your personality so that we can give you the proper send-off that you deserve. These services include writing a will, setting up a trust, and designing a funeral or memorial service. Your loved ones will be able to understand your wishes for your last resting place, whether you want to be buried at sea or have your ashes dispersed on land, if you prepare ahead.

Funeral Pre-Planning

Even though talking about death might be uncomfortable, we shall all pass away one day. We prepare for every significant event in our lives, including retirement and celebrations. Why don’t we prepare ourselves for the last chapter of our lives?

We no longer avoid discussing funeral pre-planning or funeral pre-arrangement since it’s a subject. We have seen many people benefit by preparing themselves and the people they care about for the next chapter of their life, and we are confident that you will also.

To ease the strain on your family, plan your funeral

Increasing numbers of Singaporeans are pre-planning their funerals so that they may guide their wishes and alleviate the emotional and financial strains on their loved ones when they die.

For those who want to organize their funerals in advance, pre-planning allows them to pick what style of service they want, what attire they want to wear, what music they want to be played, and even what cuisine they want to eat. It’s a thoughtful gift for the client’s loved ones since it allows them to decide how their life will be remembered after passing.