Platforms Offering All Genres Of Trading: Stocks, Crypto And Forex


Trade means exchanging valuable goods and services in return for other goods or services of approximately the same value. In ancient times, people commonly used trading systems such as barter systems and other similar methods in their daily lives. After a certain period, the concept of money eradicated this type of trading from local societies and markets. Nowadays, trading refers to buying different entities such as stocks, cryptocurrencies, or foreign currencies at a specific price and selling them later on to profit. This concept of trading brought along with it a wave of opportunities for people who dared to dream big. This type of trading has proven itself to be the most reliable way to make huge profits over the past years. This increasing trend and reliability have allowed the establishment of many trading platforms that offer trading with additional benefits to their users, such as exness,

Types of Trading

Over the last few decades, industrialization, modernization, and digitalization have advanced the business and trading market to such a level that many forms of trading are available for users to choose from. Each type of trading offers its users different profit margins along with risks. Three main genres of trading that are in trend nowadays are:

  • Stocks- Trading in stocks means buying and selling shares of different companies. The stocks can be bought and sold following different strategies and market research tactics. This form of trading is the earliest form known to humans.

  • Crypto Trading- Cryptocurrency is the concept of a virtual form of currency that terminates the concept of physical money. These currencies have developed exponentially over the past few years, leaving physical money behind in terms of value. Due to this reason, trading in this currency gives promising and handsome results to the investor.
  • Forex Trading- Foreign currencies often go up and down in terms of value concerning one another. This fluctuation in the values of different currencies can be used to make large profits after studying in great depth. Trading in foreign physical currency is known as forex trading.


Trading of all types is trending exponentially in the market. But it should not be forgotten that trading offers risks along with profits. So, it is extremely important to choose a reliable and promising platform to trade. Quality platforms such as exness, offers its users all three types of trading along with market research tools and additional bonus/offers.