Reach Out to Your Employees with a Software for Communication Survey


Collaboration is an indispensable tool in business. Who else in your organization can determine what the company needs to implement in order to be a more formidable machine but your employees?

Reaching Out to Your Employees Can be a Bit Difficult, However…

In business, whether big or small, employee to employer can be very difficult. Some employees actually are averse when it comes to talking to top management. For some, except for the more talented and driven, top managers coming down to talk to rank-and-file employees is a sign of trouble for them.

Limitations in technology in the past decades limited top management from reaching out and knowing what the “boots in the ground” think about the company’s policies, systems and other areas of concern. However, technology has made it possible for employers and employees to get past the red tape.

What Can You Use to Reach Out to Your Employees?

There are many ways through which you can reach out to your workforce and solicit their thoughts on certain matters.

Social media groups, for instance, are a very good tool. However, it is unethical to allow your employees to access social media during work hours. It is even more unethical to ask them to complete surveys, or other forms you use to reach out to them, beyond office hours.

You can also send surveys through email, but it’s also possible that they could ignore those email because they are swamped with work, understandably. They’re not as real time as we want them to be, in other words.

What you can do, however, is to use a communication survey app like what DeskAlerts offers to potential customers.

Employees with a Software for Communication Survey

What Features Can You Expect From This Software?

Here are some of the features that you can enjoy from this software:

  • Customizable templatesThis app allows you to create various messages to your workforce, and you can personalize everything with the use of templates. In addition to surveys, you can also set up polls that your employees can vote on. This is very useful if you want to get their opinion on a certain management decision that you’re about to make.
  • AnonymityEmployees naturally are reluctant to complete surveys that pertain to their workplace, out of fear that they might be targeted by human resources or even their fellow rank-and-file employees. With this software, however, you can guarantee the anonymity of each response and keep your employee safe, while still soliciting their candid opinions.
  • Emergency notificationsYou can also use this software to notify your employees in the case of an emergency, like an IT outage. These messages are sent directly to their desktops, and will not go away unless they are addressed.

You can put your business at an advantage by investing in the cutting edge of current technology, with apps like DeskAlerts. Contact DeskAlerts and their customer service department now to learn more about what the app can contribute to your business.