The epitome of a strong personality


Harold Matzner is one of the renowned personalities who are familiar with owning spencer’s restaurant as well as marking the company of NJ or NY and its advertising. He is credited for revitalizing the international based film festival of Palm Springs. Harold Matzner portrait  gives information about its greater personality.


There are many major supporters of his Innocence project which is very much useful to prevent any kind of future injustices to many innocent people. He loves to spend in the printing company. His main dream during his childhood was to become a baseball player.

He has thoughts of becoming a lawyer during his teenage days but mainly gravitated to the field of journalism. He mainly worked in the newspaper of his high school and also got a job after completing high school in the department of sports.

strong personality

When he was in the department of sports, he focus mainly on the important coverage of the strong team that required great support. All this achievement was done by overcoming dyslexia. His youth was a struggle between dyslexia and poverty. This was during the days when people were rarely aware of these learning disabilities. He mainly survived by memorizing the information.

He is very well much aware that he will not be able to make it up to college due to his tough struggle. He is a man of great positive thought and always emphasizes not giving up in life. This is the fundamental rule of life to survive in the tough world. Harold Matzner portrait is the glimpse of his strong personality.

He did not restrict himself toa particular field. He also moved to the advertising field as he succeeded in the skills which come in natural form. He also emphasizes preparing oneself to be completely committed to any of the work that is undertaken and proceeds towards it fearlessly to achieve the path of success.

He is of the view when the person determines any positive aspect the need to perceive the same with complete commitment fearlessly. This is what is learned during his college education. This strong belief made him reach success in all walks of life. He works with strong people who further become part of his success story. The network he got connected with during his college days was extremely valuable which made him find the solutions to the varied problems in life and business.

He is of the view to keep learning whether an individual has an education or not the process of learning is endless.