Things to Know About This Paper Manufacturing Company Located In Indonesia


The asia pulp and paper, abbreviated as APP, is a private pulp and paper manufacturing company located in Jakarta, Indonesia. The company was founded in 1972 by Eka Tjipta Widjaja as Tjiwi Kimia. This company is a subsidiary of its parent, The Sinar Mas Group, and later in 1994, the name was officially changed to the current one. This company is one of the most crucial papers and pulp companies worldwide. This company supplies its finished goods and its raw material, tree pulp, to all the countries in the world. In this article, the readers and the viewers will learn about the operations, the types of paper they sell, and the purpose of these paper goods.

This company follows the principles set by the government based on environmental, social, and governance sustainability. In 2020, the company introduced the Sustainability Roadmap Vision 2030. This pledge or scheme will help to fulfill the pledge they made of protecting the forests, supporting the communities who survive on these plant products by illegally cutting and selling them, conserving the biodiversity, and inventing operations to keep these areas carbon neutral. The company helps maintain a sustainable balance between the amount of forest and peatland.

Asia Pulp and Paper

What is the aim of this company?

  • Employees are an integral part of this success.
  • Their business depends on sustainable operations.
  • They solely believe in their suppliers and customers for the quality and popularity of their business.
  • They solely believe in and respect their shareholders, who help the company to make sustainable profits so that they can make the company run smoothly and pay salaries to their employees.
  • The excellent office and atmosphere where everyone respects both female and male employees with equal pay and benefits make their business and governance sustainable.

Products the company supplies-

  • Machined finished paper- this is used for office, study, and restaurant purposes. This paper is used for food packaging, garment or retail item packaging, and food packaging. It is applied for making shopping bags, grocery bags, paper straws, disposable drinking cups, liners, etc. They come in 100 or 120 gsm.
  • Kraft paper- used as a shopping bag and satchel bag purpose mainly for food and beverages packaging. Making a shopping bag should be 80gsm to 125 gsm; a satchel bag should be 45 gsm to 80 gsm.
  • Baking paper- acts as an excellent grease barrier and can be placed in oven trays, tins, and frying pans. This paper can resist temperatures as high as 220℃ and keep the heat intact. They were used for only cooking and baking purposes. The paper can be 40 gsm.
  • Cigarette packaging board- used as a cigarette packing box. Available in 205 gsm, 215 gsm, 220 gsm, and 230 gsm.

To conclude, the products mentioned above of this company are the most ordered items.