Tips for choosing an Immigration Consultancy for your project


The change of country is a serious matter, there are several in the world that promise millions of things, but in the end they are swindlers who take advantage of people. Talent Fields HK Thinking about that, we decided to give some advice on how to choose the right immigration consultancy for you.

What does an Immigration Consultancy do?

Many people have the dream of moving to the United States, but many also do not know where to start, what to do, what documents are necessary to start the processes, etc.

There are several questions that may arise and depending on the objective (internationalize your company to the United States, if you are going to work, or will study , among others) and the profile of the applicant, are different processes.

For this, there is an immigration consultancy, who is people who help in the bureaucratic details and accompany you throughout the immigration journey to reach your goals.

Their job is to analyze the profile of the person and the project, where they are and where they want to go, based on that, they will show which is the most indicated immigration process, and then guide the client on visa issues, documentation, action plans and everything your immigration process needs.

Immigration Consultancy

Tips for choosing an Immigration Consultancy

Search on immigration

First of all, look what you can about immigration processes to the US. on the official government site before hiring an immigration consultant. In the end, the responsibility for your process is yours and no one else’s. The consultant should be an assistant, but never, the final responsible for the project of his life.

Look for references

Use the Internet as your tool, look over the company, look for the jobs you did and if the person who hired you was satisfied with the service. It is necessary that you know who you are going to hire. If necessary, compare a company with others, but only close a contract when you feel confident that that company is the right one for you.

Clarity, especially

When you are talking to the consulting firm, see if it is not being ambiguous. When it comes to emigrating to the United States, see if you are within the criteria or not. So, if the professional begins to make detours and does not leave the matters clearly, that is a signal for you to distrust that service.


There is no time to lose. The work of the consultancy is to evaluate your profile and present proposals, the more objective the consultancy, the better. In the end, the company already knows the market, the advantages and disadvantages, what are the requirements for each type of immigration and other processes.