Wardrobes, Types And Their Benefits: An Overview


Nothing pays the most than having a closet of your own. many, especially females or ladies, love an open closet more than anything. And there are so many benefits to having an open closet, we would be discussing all that in this article. Now, what do you know about open concept wardrobe singapore? And do you think it is a good idea to have an open closet? Find out in this article.

What are open wardrobes?

An open closet is one we also call a walk-in closet. It is a perfect choice for storing your clothes, shoes, jewellery, miscellaneous and even so much more. They are completely open for you to customise according to however you like them.

These kinds of wardrobes are perfect and are an ideal spot that would provide you with the privacy you need when dressing up.

Do you think it is a good idea?

One thing you should always keep in mind about walk-in closets is the fact that they are always on trend and they can never go to extinction.  The great news this brings you is that they are great choices for people with small spaces and are highly organised, they make your room look and feel larger and also eliminate those ugly closet doors.

There are so many different types of closets to choose from, but what is more important is you choosing the right one for yourself.

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Different types of closets

  • A walk-in closet is one of the ultimate designs that seek the indulgence of your home, especially the master’s bedroom which usually has enough space. They usually have a set of multiple drawers and sliding shelves with drawers behind them. A walk-in closet is one an architect would spend their time judiciously on and they are usually customised as per your need. There are many advantages to walk-in closets, and the most advantageous part is the privacy it gives you. You can easily install anything you like. It is a perfect place to take some “me time” to yourself.
  • Reach-in closets are also another widely used closet and have been around for quite some time. Their main role is to provide space for hanging clothes using a rod in the closet with an open shelf. There have been many definitions of a reach-in closet and this has made it take a different semblance from what we see today. Sy, reach-in closets have evolved so much to fit in with the society of today. The benefit would offer you mainly that it has an open storage fit for your clothes and helps with organising your clothes. You can make use of the drawers in storing your jewellery and accessories.
  • There are so many other ones that are also in vogue, we have the wardrobes or armouries. They are more decorative and quite basic. They have a lot of hanging space and besides the boosting shelves and storage drawers, they are available in different sizes and serve many purposes. They can even be made according to your preference. Another is the linen closet.