What are the criteria to obtain a work visa in Hong Kong?


Hong Kong is a global business hub and it is not without reason that people love to lock there for work. To be able to legally start working in Hong Kong you need the visa given by the country.

But for this several requirements must be fulfilled. Before you start your process look for genuine agencies that can help you in getting employment visa hong kong price. Since the procedure to obtain a visa entails a lot of steps, only an experienced visa agency can help you in guiding you in the process.

Let us first look at the type of visas available

  • A training visa is an option to get a work visa for individuals who wish to learn a skill in HK and the stay is not more than one year.
  • Technology talent admission visa is for professionals who exhibit special skills in Artificial intelligence, or other technology-related areas.
  • Quality migrant admission is a type of visa where expats can migrate to Hong kong. The professions included are IT, finance, legal and creative individuals.
  • Non-local graduates are provided an option to apply for a visa within 6 months of completing graduation to stay for a year to help them find suitable employment.

work visa in Hong Kong?

What do you need to obtain the visa?

  • A graduate degree
  • Professional experience as deemed essential for the post.
  • Salary and working conditions
  • Contribution to the local economy by the company
  • The need for an expat to fill the position when the local population is available

The above requirement is for the company wanting to obtain a work visa for their employees.

Steps to get the visa

  • Filling up of the correct application form for the particular visa desired.
  • Submitting all the required documents. In case the documents are not in English or Chinese, a translation of the same must also be submitted.
  • A valid travel document from the home country like the Passport.
  • The application should be submitted to the Hong Kong Immigration Department.
  • A prospective employer can also file the application on behalf of the employee since he would be the local sponsor in this case.

After scrutiny of the application, if the visa is granted it would be initially for 24 months or as needed by the employment contract. Any agency who deal with hong kong trademark registration service also helps in many other services like visa applications.