What are the different applications of cable ties?


Cable ties are like fasteners that can hold cables and wires together. It is sometimes referred to as a tie wrap, hose ties, zip ties, or wire ties. They have jagged teeth on the other end and heads on the other side. Insert it on the head to lock it, and pull it back. It can cut off the excess ties once it’s made a loop size. The cable ties are the fastest and easy way to make your cable and wires organized and undamaged. It has different lengths, widths, materials, and tensile strengths. The colors of the cable ties will depend on where you have to install them. Since you are Looking for cable ties? For commerical or personal use? Electgo has everything! Click here.

Heat-Stabilized Cable Tie

The cable ties are primarily used in aircraft. The aircraft have electrical and cable wiring, which is necessary for the safe function of the plane. Since there are bundles of wires to make it organized and clean, they use cable ties. It is essential to meet the specifications of the components and parts for every application they are used for. They usually have push mount, heavy-duty, and heat-stabilized standards cable ties. It is the best choice to use in aerospace applications.

Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Those cable ties you use in automotive applications should be heat and chemical-resistant. It should resist exposure to gasoline, oil, greases, and harsh environments. And because these stainless steel cable ties are mainly used. It is highly resistant to abrasion, high temperatures, and corrosion. Other cable ties are used in automotive applications with push mount, arrowhead, and adhesive cable ties.

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Marker ID Cable Ties

The outdoor and indoor utility is subject to untidy arrangements of cables and wires. The standard cable ties have different colors and marker cable ties that have tags to make them easier to identify. It is used to hold and sort wires and cables neatly. You can also use stainless steel cable ties for heavy-duty purposes.

Fir-tree with Tie

The industrial equipment and other components sometimes vibrate during the operation. You have to use cable ties to avoid jostling during the application and protect from debris. Looking for cable ties? For commercial or personal use? Electgo has everything! Click here.

Hook & Loop Continuous Rolls

Heat-stabilized cable ties are a great solution to wires and different gadgets and appliances. When you like your place to be safe and organized by lessening the hazards because of untidy cables. You can use the hook and loop ties to secure the wires, and you can be released and resealed easily.