What Everyone Must Know About Printing Of Foam Board?


Foam board is the most famous signage. This type of signage is mainly seen in the local supermarket or in malls. These foam boards are otherwise known as foam core boards. This foam board is mainly sturdy and is made up of lightweight material. This is mainly easy to cut with a sharp craft knife. Some of the important facts about foam board printing have been discussed in this article.

Important benefits to knowing about printing on foam board

foam board printing

  1. Printing on the foam boards mainly costs less. Foam boards are inexpensive materials available in the market. They are mainly suitable for both large-scale and small-scale projects. This type of printing mainly gives someone different types of colors that they can manage.
  2. One can advertise both services and products in these Foam boards during trade fairs or conferences. This will mainly help the organization to stand out in any competition.
  3. Foam boards are mainly sturdy in nature in comparison to other types of boards. These boards are also malleable.
  4. With the help of foam boards, one can easily print larger images directly onto the material. This mainly provides the finished image which the user can use for branding or for making the company logo. The background images can be printed to the edges of the foam board to look like the large photo on their display screen. This is mainly an attractive way to make the product or service more attractive.
  5. These boards are lighter in weight. So these boards are more versatile as well as transportable. One can also use this option to advertise their products at fairs or shows or market them at different places.
  6. It is mainly easy to print on foam boards. In this way, one can get high-quality banners as well as posters. These posters are mainly beneficial for school projects, artworks, family portraits, as well as business marketing.

Different types of printing for the foam board

  1. The double-sided foam core printing: In this case, the user can select from either single-sided printing or double-sided foam core printing. The user can get this mainly at a higher cost.
  2. The laminated foam board prints:  This mainly extends the product’s lifespan of the foam board print which can mainly be done by laminating it.

These are some of the important facts to know about foam board printing and some of the different benefits.