What is the amazing race?


This remote challenge allows teams to virtually travel the world without ever having to leave their room. They will face hurdles, detours, and speedbumps that will test their collaboration, communication skills, and ingenuity.

Participants will be required to virtually travel to several destinations and complete tasks utilising picture recognition technology via our award-winning app. The challenges range from performing the Hakka as a team in New Zealand to creating well-known monuments, all of which put the teams’ creativity and resourcefulness to the test.

The virtual incredible race is one of several remote team building exercises we provide, encouraging teams to interact, collaborate, and work together in this entertaining globetrotting sport.

Virtual Amazing Race Logistics

Why not challenge each office to a virtual fantastic race over numerous city all at once?

Race around the world using the power of the internet to complete a range of objectives in each city. Leave the corporate world behind and join your colleagues in a world of adventure and adrenaline. In amazing race team building singapore, you may foster team development by travelling to Japan together to paint calligraphy without leaving Singapore.

On the day of the event, after everyone has arrived, your host will explain the proceedings, which will be followed by a globetrotting storey and clues to the first destination. Teams will be linked in real time as they go to notable landmarks in various countries and towns across the world. Only the quickest and most efficient working teams will be able to reach and complete all of them in time.

Challenge Types

  • Live Challenges-In the live challenges, teams communicate in real time video with a local expert instructor of that challenge to complete that challenge and advance in the race. Cooking a cuisine in Thailand, yoga in India, and calligraphy in Japan are one examples of obstacles.
  • Interactive Games- In the interactive games, teams are entrusted with completing challenges using information hidden on web pages and virtual scenes. Language, music, customs, culture, and other topics are examples of obstacles.
  • Interactive Puzzles- In this new immersive experience, interact with interactive clues, drag-and-drop clues, interesting challenges, and more!

What is the game itself?

A whole session lasts 60 minutes, and players will be led through a variety of game types to keep the enthusiasm up and give everyone a chance to shine. All players will participate on a mobile device via our web-app, while collaborating with their team in a Breakout Room.