What is the position ranking of CLO in a company?


Chief Learning Officers usually serve as senior management members that direct, manage, and evaluate the strategies initiated for the purpose of skill development and other learning programs. They are the highest ranking officers in a corporation who are in charge of entire learning management. They are responsible for the enhancement, identification, and implementation of scientific methods to increase the skill set of the employees. They generally are individuals that have pursued degrees in business, instructional design, or similar fields.  To know further duties of a CLO, read the article as well.

Skills and experience required to be a CLO

The CLO reports to the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) or CTO (Chief Talent Officer). Vice president of learning, Director of learning and development, learning manager, or head of learning are the terms used in place of chief learning officer in several organisations. An individual should have immense experience in forming learning policies, deciding standards, and other management processes. He/she should collaborate with the communication department to ensure proper professional enhancement activities. A CLO identifies the changes in the learning culture of the company, and evaluates it further  to achieve business goals. Different Measurement techniques are used by the CLO to systematically analyse the outcomes of learning culture. It includes one to one interviews, standardised tests, and discussions with employees who are given any of the learning. A CLO decides which learning path and activities to adopt in future for a better outcome based on the evaluation.

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The reason behind the higher post of CLO is to ensure a successful culture of learning. It is in favour of the organisation and the workers to invest in psychological learning. Mentoring is important to help a less experienced employee in gaining new technical skills, non-technical skills, or competency. CLOs are responsible to provide management training by conducting activities related to it. A CLO uses distinct technologies to fulfil the learning purpose decided. Some of the most popular techniques include imparting teachings through digital means (online lessons and assignments). Internet based learning is a very useful tool to make remote learning possible for employees. CLO often held discussions with senior staff to form learning strategies. Sometimes, they are expert leaders who minimise the risks in a company by advising the business company on legal or regulatory issues. To learn more about CLO’s team, read article https://www.reworked.co/leadership/what-is-a-chief-learning-officer/.