What to Look for in Good Session Board Controllers


Technology changed so much today that it allows employees to work remotely, and business to save up on operational expenses and costs. Today, enterprises can start growing their business from a network, accessing and working on their files from any place. Through the session border controller, a company can rely on a safe and secured service to protect all their information.

 Great IP Network Security 

A great Enterprise session border controllers (e-sbcs) should be able to provide entrepreneurs with good network-specific security capabilities, to protect them from threats. This can be done by having encryption capabilities, which is aimed at protecting a company’s privacy and information. A good IP network with an encryption function has the end goal of:

  • Denial of Service attacks, and eliminating malicious threats and viruses;
  • Preventing anyone from eavesdropping on a communication.
  • Safeguarding and controlling company information, to prevent fraud and service theft.

Cost Elimination and Reduction 

E-sbcs play an essential role for IT departments in any companies, and this simple session border controller can significantly help organizations cut down on costs. A good SBC should be able to reduce a corporations cost, by consolidating network infrastructures substantially. Through the consolidation, what’s left should be an efficient pool of network resources which can accommodate communication needs.

Session Board Controllers

Another important aspect which a good E-sbcs should be able to do is to efficiently route calls across trunk lines or services, cause the least amount of costs to the company. The network should also possess codec renegotiation and translation capabilities, to maximize the use of WAN bandwidth.

Improved Service Availability and Quality 

Customers have a lot of expectations when making a call, and it can be annoying for them if their calls don’t go through. A good E-sbcs provides IP network which can prevent service overloads, by rerouting requests to other trunks, which lessens the chances of experiencing equipment and network problems. The systems should also be able to recognize its admission capabilities, to manage its service quality. The end effect is providing customers with better service, and availability for communication.

Companies should make way for unified communication solutions, and utilize session border controller. By using this new technology, enterprises can remove any inefficiencies and unnecessary expenses it is faced with. This results in building a competitive advantage for them, allowing them to extend their investments and widen their communication systems.