What To Look For When Buying DSD Software


For the past few years, there has been a rise in adopting route DSD software technology. More and more distributors are focusing their attention on this so that they will be able to gain a competitive advantage in their respective markets.

For most distributors, there’s this sense of hesitation when they hear the word “automation,” typically because it connotes added cost and a certain level of complication. However, do note that this opinion was made almost 10 years ago and a lot has happened in the last decade.

As we move forward in today’s technological innovations, tasks in certain fields are being carried out with just the use of smart phones and internet connection. If you’re constantly searching for ways to be more efficient, then you may want to start Googling “DSD software for distributors.” If you’ve already done that and find yourself here, read on as we go through the things you should look for when buying DSD software.

What is DSD Software?

DSD software for distributors is a way for you to minimize waste on your delivery routes, as well as increase sales. With this, you’ll be able to automate the processes in your operations so that you can streamline your direct store delivery (DSD), optimize your warehouse so that it is operating at high-efficiency levels and, of course, win loyal customers!

DSD software For Distributors

What are the things to consider when buying DSD software?

When you’re looking for ways to automate your operations, it is important to look at 3 things: Order & Payment Entry, Inventory Management, and Data Access. These 3 aspects should be your measurement as to how good the software is.

Order & Payment Entry

This should be included in the tasks that are automated. Payments that have been collected with their respective created orders should be sent directly to your accounting system. Say goodbye to manually input stacks of invoices and payment orders by hand.

Inventory Management

The next thing you should look at should be your truck and route inventory. With DSD software, you should be able to successfully manage these via a mobile device. As orders are made, the inventory should be updated automatically so it can easily be reconciled at the end of the day.

Data Access

Lastly, data access should be seamless. Authorized personnel, such as those from the sales team, should be able to view not only customer information but also order history, products ordered in quantities, as well as their prices.

Final Thoughts: Why you’ll get left behind if you don’t invest in DSD software today!

If you’ve made up your mind about DSD software for distributors, then be prepared for more sales opportunities. With this, you can ensure that you have a tighter and more secure mobile inventory control, greater management oversight, which means increased field staff accountability, fast stop times, reduced paperwork, reduced fuel costs because of the reduced route costs, a more simplified sales and delivery process that eventually leads to an increase in sales.

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