Wine Cellar Cooling Systems: Custom Wine Cooling Refrigerator


Is collecting wine your hobby? If yes, you might own a collection of wine stored in a beautiful wine rack. But, the years of wine rack have covered this trending and contemporary wine fridge singapore.

What is a wine fridge?

A wine fridge is known by its other terms, wine cooler and wine chiller. It is a temperature-controlled appliance for wine storage. It is the contemporary version of the wine cellar, but with a more compact footprint. The appliance provides a safe home for wine at the proper temperature while showcasing the bottles.

Categories of wine fridge

There are different categories of the wine fridge, which includes:

  • Small capacity wine fridge. It has a room for 25 bottles or even less, the compact design will make it easy for installing the cooler in just any room.
  • Medium-capacity wine fridge. The houses 38-66 bottles, perfect for wine collectors.
  • Large-capacity wine coolers. It is a storage greater than 66 bottles with less than 300. It is a great wine cooler for serious collectors with an ever-increasing collection.
  • Dual-zone wine refrigerators. An appliance with several independent temperatures. It is a worthy investment for wine collectors.
  • Freestanding. It has a rear exhaust, easy to install wine fridge.
  • Commercial wine refrigerators. A wine fridge that is designed for commercial use, easy to securely store, and merchandise wine stock.
  • Reversible and left hinge coolers. A wine fridge designed with a reversible or left-side door hinge, this feature allows you to store 2 wine bottles side by side.
  • Built-in under-counter. A wine fridge with a front exhaust. It can be recessed in an installed undercover or existing cabinetry.

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Features of wine fridge

When speaking of the wine fridge versus the standard refrigerator, it has many different features.

  • Rack. Racking in a wine fridge is designed to hold each bottle securely. UV protection door. The wine fridge door has coated or dual-paned for UV protection. It helps to block or to insulate harmful UV rays.
  • Compressor. The wine fridge has a compressor inside made with an absorption system that reduces the vibration of the motor that reduces the impact on the wine.
  • Lock. It is built into the door to prevent any undesirable opening and closing of the door, which affects the temperature in the cooler.
  • Digital temperature control panels. It has an automatic lock to thwart fluctuations in temperature.

The wine fridge also has a variety of finishes, sizes, and styles. The wine cooler easily maintains a constant chill and temperature of the wines to make them ready to serve at any moment in time. Many wines improve if stored correctly and when aged. Plus, what makes wines good is being a good drink, the more years the wine, the more it gives a good taste.