Features of cleaning in office premises


An office space is the territory in which people work with an eight-hour working day. These include: production workshops;

warehouse and offices;

exhibition and commercial space.

Any room, regardless of type and purpose, needs regular cleaning, which is necessary not only for a tidy appearance, but also to preserve the health of the people who work there office cleaning.

When should the work area be cleaned?

The cleaning offices is conventionally divided into two types: daily and periodic cleaning.

Wet cleaning refers to every day:

paving of corridors and offices;

common areas;

all available surfaces;

office equipment. In addition to debris removal, disinfection of door handles in public areas and watering of plants (if any). Periodic cleaning of office spaces includes the maintenance of items that cannot be cleaned on a daily basis, these are:

wash windows;

cleaning of curtains and blinds;

washing of household appliances;

thorough cleaning of upholstery, etc.

Features of cleaning in office premises

Who should be in charge of cleaning the office space?

Most people perceive cleaning, especially general cleaning, as a very laborious task, the very thought of which is horrible. But there is no need to clean the office space by yourself at all. Our cleaning company achieves high-quality, immediate cleaning of surroundings of any objective and volume. The office surroundings are cleared with effective and environmentally friendly detergents. Our employees use only high-quality equipment that allows us to clean up pollution of any complexity. With us you will ignore about tidying up difficulties permanently and you will appreciate working in a neat and cleaned atmosphere.

Some think that an apartment is messy when socks and toys are scattered on the floor, but in comparison to apartments where the piles of garbage are exactly the same as in a landfill, where you can hardly distinguish a kitchen from a room or bedroom, the bathroom is filled with a brown sticky substance, the toilet lid is hardly found among the garbage and traces of the life of residents and animals, everywhere there are cobwebs, molds, insects and an unbearable pungent stench, which already penetrates in the stairs and neighboring apartments through general ventilation – an apartment with socks on the floor will look like a shiny palace.

The first step is to report the problem to us and we will draw up an action plan;

The second step is to agree on the cost and conditions for cleaning the neglected apartment;

The third step is professional cleaning, as a result of which the premises will be ready for renovation.