Determining The Qualities Of The Best Framing Hammer


When it comes to usability, the hammer is arguably the best-known working tool in the world and it continues to develop as the years pass by to improve its function and add more features to it; who knows, manufacturers of hammers might be coming up with an idea of creating the hammer of Thor? Well let’s just be happy because hammers won’t become obsolete anytime soon and it will stay longer more than you’ve ever think.

That is why this is the perfect time not just to celebrate but also to determine the qualities a best framing hammer has so that you’ll have an easy time buying that one in the hardware soon.

Hammers could be the most polarizing industrial tool available because everyone has their own opinions about the best hammers out there and it has a longstanding argument out there regarding this matter. So, let’s get into the matter and hopefully you’ll take time to read about my thoughts about the best hammer out there.

best framing hammer

To further understand the features of some hammers, it is important to take some considerations in choosing the best hammers out there. Choosing the best framing hammer is like making a review out of a brand-new car; meaning it is intricate and detailed in a manner that you must see all the hammer’s functions and features.

One of the most important considerations that you must make is to look for the most comfortable handle. This is important because this is where you take full control of the hammer’s swing. There are different types of handles in the market; it could be made from wood, fibreglass or steel

Wooden handles are perfect to absorb shock while steel handles are durable, and it’s not required to apply a lot of pressure to the handle if you want to rip a nail out and the fibreglass handle is completely and durable, but it is less shock absorbent compared to wood.

Also, the length and the size of the handle is an important consideration. Longer handles have more power and drive while shorter handles have more control of the hammer, but it truly depends on your comfort. Choose the handle that best fits your grip and chooses a handle that is long enough to create that perfect swing and drive when you’re at work.

Another important matter that you must consider is the overall weight of the hammer head. The weight varies on the size of the head; obviously, the bigger the head the heavier it will be but it all depends on the hammer’s use. The larger the nails that are used, it is advised to use a larger hammerhead for it. In the market, the standard size of a framing hammer is 20-ounces while the heaviest ones range from 30 to 40-ounces. There are different sizes of hammerheads for framing hammers for different projects that it will be used.

Next important matter is how will the framing hammer handle the shock and the fatigue factor while it is used? Your hammer looks perfect, but your entire health and body is at risk. Exposed to extensive shocks can damage your nerves and muscles that can cause injuries in the long run.  For home use, it is ideal to buy a smaller version of a framing hammer while for industrial uses, you can buy a larger framing hammer, which is large enough to be used safely and with full control.