Categories of Business Insurance


Business could be a risky proportion if not calculated properly and worked upon. Having a strong backup is a critical requirement of any business, be it into construction, manufacturing, retail, any service providing company or a professional services company. If you have a backup, you are more adept to take any risks in the business and plan an aggressive growth path, but in the absence of a backup, you tend to shrink your growth possibilities. An Insurance could be your biggest backup in any business. It provides that sense of surety that if anything goes wrong, if you falter somewhere, the Insurance will take care of it. This is something that the tradesman saver public liability insurance also does for companies.

A typical Business Insurance could be categorized in two parts:

  • Property Insurance
  • Liability Insurance

Property Insurance: Your business definitely needs be insured or covered for a Property Insurance for the property out of which the business runs. If you have a warehouse or a place, where the stock repository is stored; you definitely must insure that place. In case of any accidents or any unforeseen events, the insurance can be claimed up to the property value and also upto the value of goods. This will help you secure your stocks and other equipments in the office.

Liability Insurance is further categorized in three sections:

Public liability insurance: The Public liability insurance safeguards against any third party damages or injury occurred due to your business activities. If you have a factory, which is into, manufacturing and your plant is obstructing any neighboring businesses, this insurance would protect it against any legal suits regarding that. The tradesman saver public liability insurance is also a good option to secure your business.

Products liability Insurance: This insurance deals with the good that your business handles. If there has been any damage or injury for the goods you have sold, delivered, tested or repaired, then this insurance will help you in handling any legal battles regarding compensation or expenses against the same. This is also an integral insurance component if your business is into handling and transportation of goods. This will secure all your stocks related issues for you. Apart from goods, this insurance deals with all the equipment that may be present in your office.

Employer’s Liability Insurance: This one is for employees. After all you want to be called an “employee friendly organization” and you could only do that if you have the Employer’s Liability Insurance to safeguard you and your employees. In case of any damage or injury to any employee within your office premises, this insurance benefit will take care of all the legal implications and expenses of the same. This insurance is also a must have for any organization irrespective of the size or type of business.

Conclusion: Hence a business needs to secure itself of all possible contingencies and the different types of insurances safeguards and secures you from all possible dangers.