Forex: What is Technical Analysis


Forex has a history of traders losing a lot of money, sometimes their entire capital. This is why understanding how to analyze charts is a huge benefit to have in forex trading.

What is Forex?

The act of buying and selling currencies is known as Forex. The majority of people who have forex trading accounts trade currencies. It entails transferring funds from one location to another using cash or a credit card. This entails purchasing and selling currencies and other financial products to speculate on them.

What is Technical Analysis?

Just what is the technical analysis in forex trading? Technical analysis is a game of statistics and probabilities. It occurs in the trading of foreign exchange (FX) and commodity futures. The objective of technical analysis is to identify favourable price action for an asset, company, or commodity by analyzing market capitalization, forward rates, volume, and currency pairs. Using statistical analysis and estimates based on historical data, technical analysts determine whether an asset is oversold or overbought.

There are two kinds of technical analysis: basic and advanced. Basic technical analysis deals with using a basic framework and rules to evaluate prices and wins/losses in any position. Advanced technical analysis is more concerned with analyzing technical aspects of the market or instrument and can be applied to many different situations. When using advanced technical analysis, make sure that you compare apples to oranges (i.e. don’t use simple growth numbers when comparing one year vs twenty years price increases).

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Why Technical Analysis over other analytical methods?

Technical analysis is a statistical method used to predict price changes for a particular currency, asset, or set of assets based on the performance of other assets in a specific field. It utilizes a blend of analytical and empirical methods to project where prices will go based on factors such as current market conditions, political risk, economic growth, etc. It is often used alongside fundamental analysis, which attempts to answer fundamental questions about an asset like “Can I make money with this asset?” and “What is the risk/reward profile for this currency?”. Fundamental questions like these help you decide on trading, and this will benefit your future trades.

Why is Technical Analysis critical when trading forex?

As stated above, the technical analysis predicts the price changes for a particular currency, asset, or set of assets. This helps you decide when’s the right time to enter a deal when you trade Forex. You can say technical analysis is like your partner in crime- always trying your best to help you achieve a task.

To summarize, technical analysis is there to guide you but not do the trading for you. At the end of the day, your skills in analyzing and speculating when to buy and sell in Forex are still up to you. It’s best not to rely entirely on this part of Forex but add it to your arsenal of knowledge in becoming a successful forex trader.