How to Avoid Financial Mismanagement


If you want to have healthy finances in your company, there are many things that you can do. Ivan Illan is a wealth advisor and entrepreneur who helps clients facing financial mishaps. If your company is suffering from financial mismanagement, you might want to visit Ivan Illan. Owing to his expertise in this field, he is frequently quoted in financial media. Ivan is the founder of Aligne Wealth Preservation & Insurance Services, LLC, a Los Angeles-based wealth advisory company.

Here are a few simple tips Ivan would want you to follow in order to avoid financial mismanagement.

Set Objectives:  It is all about establishing real goals that you want to achieve in the longer run. In this way, the resources required to work according to the company’s possibilities can be allocated much more properly as you know the end goal.


Deadlines:  Establish periods to reach the objectives outlined above. If it does not materialize in an estimated time, the motives must be analyzed and then redefined with different alternatives and solutions to make targets more practical and achievable.

Annual budget:  It is important to determine if you are making a profit or if you’re just losing money. In the case of reporting losses, it is essential to analyze why this is happening, and change the method in which the company operates. On the contrary, if you have profits, you have to decide if you will reinvest or save the surplus earned.

Priorities: Know which objectives are the most important or urgent for the company. Setting priorities is the only way to take the best path for your company’s success.

Discounts: Taking advantage of the discounts or offers in the market is one of the most important points, because that way you are able to better optimize the resources of your company. It is important to develop the ability to negotiate with suppliers to obtain the best prices and make your entire business far more efficient.

Partners: On many occasions, it is very valuable to have someone support you; Having a strategic partner by your side helps to face the different hurdles that come in the way, to see different points of views, and to optimize resources.

Vendors: It is essential to have a trained sales force, since they are the ones in direct contact with the clientele. It is necessary that this work team is motivated, and trained periodically to ensure that its meeting with the vendors is always prolific for your business.

Optimizing the management of your business’s financial resources not only means saving on operational and financial expenses, but also being proactive and creative in how the business revenues are maximized and cash flows are improved. A simpler way to go about it is to hire a financial advisor like Ivan Illan who can help you in setting up a firm financial base for your company.