What Are The Different Types Of Car Insurance?


A car or vehicle insurance is insurance for any cars, motorcycles, trucks, or road vehicles. The initial use of car insurance is providing financial protection against bodily injury or physical damage caused by traffic collisions and against liability that may arise from mishaps or accidents in a vehicle.

Car insurance is about the car owner and the insurance company that protects against financial loss due to theft or accident. Property such as theft of or damage to your car, while liability is the car owner’s legal responsibility to others for property damage or bodily liability. As a car owner, you can compare car insurance plans available to get.

The different types of car insurances

Are you aware of how car insurance works? If so, do you know how they all work and their different types? If shopping for car coverage, you must discover the different types of car insurance to compare the coverages and get to know the policy that is right for you.

Car Insurance

Here are a few of the car insurance types to choose from that may work for you:

  • Collision insurance. It covers damage to the car after an accident, involving another vehicle, which may help for the repair or replacement of a covered vehicle.
  • Liability coverage. It is coverage that can be required in some other states, especially in the US. A type of car insurance as a legal requirement when you drive a car Liability insurance helps cover damages for property or injuries to others. Car owners can become legally responsible for a covered accident.
  • Comprehensive insurance. It is car insurance that provides an extra coverage level in the situation of an accident that involves another vehicle. It helps to pay for the car damage due to the incidents besides collisions. It may include weather events, accidents with animals, and vandalism.
  • Gap insurance. The car value depreciates instantly. So, a car insurance settlement can be not enough to cover the price of a loan. It helps certain drivers cover the owed amount on the car loan after a theft or total loss of the car.
  • Personal injury protection insurance. It is insurance that covers medical expenses and a loss of income caused by a covered accident. The said insurance depends on the limits of a policy, such as the percentage of the medical and some other expenses from the covered accident.
  • Classic car insurance. It is a car insurance plan with specialized coverage designed for the unique needs of classic and vintage car collectors.
  • Towing and labor insurance. If you have comprehensive car insurance, then this type of car insurance is available to reimburse for a tow and the labor costs to repair the car.
  • Rental reimbursement insurance. After an accident, it can’t be easy to get around just to look for finances. This type of car insurance helps pay for a rental if the car can’t be driven after the mishap or accident.

After understanding all these different types of car insurance, you may come up with a comparison on which one is a car insurance type you need.