How to Create an Online Course


Today, anyone can sell online courses. If you focus on just one actionable item of knowledge, you would be able to attract more people to your courses.

Imagine if you’re a stress management expert, you can go ahead & Create and sell online courses that do teach people exactly that. You can create a step by step actionable course on “how to manage stress level during a workweek”.

Keep it purely specific or niche. Let people know what they are spending on.

1. Choose Your Topic

This is probably the first thing in the course creation process. This is where you begin. Just choose a topic of your choice that has a scope of turning into a profitable online business idea.

If you are confused about where to begin from, just think about what you’re good at. Jot down a list of skills and abilities that you are an expert at. Now, go through the list & try picking up just 2-3 skills that has all the following:

  • The people are interested in buying it. There are plenty of course creators in the market selling the same.
  • You know about the subject more than the average people. People come to you with their confusion about the subject.
  • You are interested & passionate about learning & teaching about the subject.
  • Finally, you would need to narrow down to one specific topic. Niching it down helps the learners to come find you for one authority.

The purpose of this task is to create a profitable idea for your online courses.

Now that you have the common ideas that fit into all of it, its time to hit the Internet.

Market Your Online Course

2. Choose Your Course Selling Platform

Now that you have a profitable course idea that has the potential to launch a groundbreaking online course, you need to choose a platform to create & sell your course.

You have basically three options in front of you.

  • Build your standalone website: It requires a huge amount of money & resources to create & maintain your online course website.
  • Online Marketplace: It’s helpful if you are not looking to take up your online course full-time & just experimenting. However, the commission is usually high here.
  • Course Platform: Its affordable, scalable, secured & pretty easy to use. Spayee is one such we suggest. You don’t need to be tech savvy at all.

A lot of popular, as well as budding course creators are focusing on online course platforms to host their online courses.

3. Create Your Online Course Modules

Here comes the real, fun part. It’s time to create your course! Finally!

There are different approaches to building courses. Not everything works for everyone. However, in order to design your course content, this is the standard steps which you can follow:

Do Your Research

Online course creation as a topic is a huge thing in itself. One of the best ways to create an online course is to do thorough research on the topic & see what other online online educators are doing. Check more from the Wikipedia page.

Outline Your Online Course

Now that you have all the resources to create your course, create an online course outline. Finalise the areas that you would cover in your courses, then go ahead & break it down into those sub-areas.

Create Your Lessons

Next up, you would need to plan out your lessons. Create a combination of video lectures, live classes, quizzes & assignments. You would be good to go.

4. Market Your Online Course

You need to make people aware of the existence of your online course. You would require to use a combination of organic channels & paid channels to grow. If you use an all-in-one platform like Spayee, you will even be able to get several in-built marketing tools to make the most out of a process.