Identification protocol for the products


Every product has an identification thatis very safe for the use of any commodity. Following certain protocols serves as an identity and also for the security such security is provided by the qr code product authentication. They are very much convenient for the easy scanning of a smartphone and help the consumer to identify the product. QR codes can be found everywhere from the least price product to the huge price of the product. they can also be used for mobile payments, coupons verification of products, and also for ID authentication. It helps the consumer to identify the authenticity of a product.

Requirements for using QR code :

It helps the customer to verify the information at the point of sailing the product. They need to download the qtr. code reader application from the safe websites and company website for such readers.

The main challenge lays in the authenticity of the product by using counterfeiting. nearly eight to nine percent of trade consists of counterfeit goods which can create a revenue loss. To overcome this situation the product manufacturers, use barcodes and holograms. The primary challenge to any market could be to maintain the genuine of the product.

One has to create a token of authentication, so it helps in the generation of an authenticated token.

The token need to be embedded in a code image of QR. Has an option, need to create a link to access from the browser of a mobile.

Authenticated tokens need to be polled for using the ID of an authenticated token.

If one is using a compatible tablet or android phone then you need to open the built-in camera aphtha camera has to be pointed towards the QR code. The banner needs to be tapped on the one that appears on the tablet or android phone. finally, follow the instruction that is displayed on the screen to complete singing in.

QR code that is on the printed badge acts as the card of contactless. A computer’s internal camera can be utilized in place of a traditional card reader which helps to read the QR code badge and it does not need any additional hardware. This can be used comfortably by the younger one without any difficulty.

Way to use the QR code:

QR codes can be used usually in 3 modes-

  • Instead of typing a username, the user can flash their badge during authentication and later can prompt for a password.
  • The QR code can be used in place of the password or the username.
  • Verification is the only step where the QR code badge is used.

Summing up :

Hereby we can consider that the QR code has the fastest reading capabilities. Where third-party hardware is not required.