3 Life Tips For Getting The Best Cash Back Credit Card


Cashback is one of thee promotions or offers that credit card companies offer. There are many gimmicks that credit card companies offer in order to entice people to get a credit card like miles and points. But one of the things that people liked about owning a credit card is cashback. Cash backs are pretty straightforward, when you buy a product you get a percentage back either to your account or sent directly to you from the credit card company annually.

Cashbacks are small but it helps especially if you’re a frequent spender. The more you spend and use your credit card you get a small percentage gets back to you. While it’s small, it can potentially be big as you accumulate it over time. And a cashback is better than no cashback and people still prefers that, rather than using cash or debit cards. But just as there are various credit card companies, not all credit cards are made the same. Sure they are made of plastic but their rules, limitations, and offers vary per credit card company.

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Look for one that has a bigger cashback percentage: The usual percentage is 0.5 % to 2 %, as mentioned, it doesn’t look like much but if you’re a big time spender, this will accumulate into a significant amount over time. Basically more percentage means more cashback on lesser purchases. If you plan to get a credit card with cash back, look for the ones that offer more percentage. One way to do it is to go credit card shopping, ask and compare.

Go for a popular credit card company: Aside from getting a credit card with a bigger cashback, you also need to get the best ones out there, for the reason that popular credit cards do have better perks from various brands. So not only do you get cash back, you also get some great discounts as well from shopping to dining, you name it. This is the reason why many people go for the popular ones because of many stores physical and online offers and discounts. It’s not related to cash backs, but if you think about discounts and cash back in one swipe, that’s a value for the money.

High credit limits: So what does a higher credit limit has to do with cash back? Everything really, if you got a higher credit limit, it means more time and ways to shop! This means more discounts and cash back. So if you are looking for a credit card with higher cash back percentage, make sure that you also get the ones that has higher credit limits.

On all the promotions that credit card companies offer, cashback has been one of the popular ones out there for the reason is that it’s a cashback. If you want a good cashback offer make sure that you seek credit cards that has higher cash back percentages, the popular ones with more discounts and with higher credit limits. If you are currently looking for a good cash back credit card, here is a must-have Malaysia cash back credit card.