U.K. Shipping Experts Promise The Best US Business Insights


Where is your shipment heading this time? Let me tell you, if you are looking for a shipment from U.K. to America in any of its popular states like Miami, New York, California, Los Angeles, Texas, Florida or anywhere else, relax, you got covered by the best freight forwarders who can ship anything from the smallest box to the largest pallet, no matter how frequently you ship. Thanks to the cordial relationship between USA and UK that these two major countries are now the biggest trading partners in the world. No wonder, it gave way to a robust parcel delivery network to aid in your plan for shipping to America from uk by the world’s top carriers.

Whether it’s once a year or every day that you want your consignments to ship to the USA, you can fully count on the custom tailoring services that the U.K. couriers have designed for you. There is the gazillion of websites that can give you the best rates in seconds and let you choose among the best shipping modes keeping all your concerns top of the list. In this article, you will learn how shipping to America a one-step hassle-free process is when you have queued all the steps in order.

 Control your operations

Whether you are an individual, or business, small, medium or large, U.K.’s licensed team of freight experts or courier service providers offer an impressive coverage of delivery network when moving things over the Atlantic and into the United States, is your greatest priority. Now getting a bird’s eye view to control your shipment across all segments is even easier no matter if you are a first-time shipper or a regular sender.

Listed below are the advantages of hiring a great team of freight forwarder in U.K.:

  • Competitive prices,
  • International Standard,
  • Visibility across all shipments,
  • Customer satisfaction,
  • Extra compensation,
  • 24/7 support and online shipment management.

What you can send

Whether it’s your household goods, personal effects, electronics or commercial cargoes, international shipping protocols have got some guidelines for each of these types of shipment commodities.

Following are some rules you need to follow…

  • Clear your customs, tax and duties,
  • Complete your formalities of the ‘Unaccompanied Articles” if any,
  • You may need to incur some extra charges for importing photographic film that is not purchased in USA,
  • Get your signature made for the delivery of important valuable items.

Steps to action

Let no one has stripped off a chance from an international shipping that comes with no obstacle and significantly reduced rates to any part of America. The charges are pretty affordable and come between £18.42 for 1kg to £54.45 for 20kg. But the rate can slightly vary according to the cities and locations. Although personal effects and gifts are normally not charged any duties, you still need to meet certain criteria regarding their hassle-free pass during your shipping to America from UK. Remember, the USA has got a tall list of prohibited and restricted items. Keep a note of the same before you start exporting an item.

Finally, international shipping is no more an ordeal if you follow the particulars and set your actions accordingly. The USA is one of the most popular delivery destinations, you can now schedule a regular parcel delivery with the help of the global freight experts in the U.K.