Affordable Fire Alarm System for Your Personal Space


If you’re a homeowner or have recently become one, it is an absolute necessity to have a fire alarm system installed for your and your family’s well-being.

Fire alarm systems come in various options enabling you to choose the one that fits your needs. If you’re looking for a completely new system or thinking of merging newer technology with an already installed program, there are no hassles to be had. A well-functioning, diverse and up-to-date fire alarm system will work wonderfully and can be completely relied on.

An alarm system can start with a choice of 4 panels and go up to 80 zones of panels available in one single unit. Additionally, a maximum of 32 sub-panels can be integrated onto one network. A high-functioning structure will not only integrate and work seamlessly in the traditional looping system but will also be congruent with a panel system by any other manufacturer.

Extended Auxiliary Functions are also available upon request.

fire alarm system

Features of a high-functioning alarm system are:

  • Easy to operaate and navigate
  • Use of detailed and precise symbols on the panel
  • 100% amenable to National and International Standards
  • Least possible wiring required during installation
  • Dry contact output for fire, faults, pumps status and AVF
  • Available in a large variety of zonal combinations to suit the needs of every household
  • LED displays the on-time evidence of faults and errors.

Benefits of installing a high-functioning alarm system:

  • To alleviate the risk of a fire breakout due to faulty electrical wiring, a control panel is installed. One of its main functions is being vigilant regarding potential operational issues and fires.
  • An interconnected control panel can alert effectively in case of fires, faults and failures. A handy juncture to operate a vast variety of functions is also a highlight of the system.
  • Due to their efficiency and convenience, these systems are a hit among project requirements of varying intensity, such as commercial buildings, industrial areas, institutions, etc.
  • Includes an individual walk test facility, which can be programmed per AVF, a scrolling display reflects zone faults, auxiliary faults, fires, etc. Additionally, the system tracks the temperature of the inner panel, the battery condition and the voltage.
  • System status can be monitored and accessed through an autodialer, SMS system or a webcam.

A highly competent fire alarm system will not only keep you and your loved ones safe but also help to receive timely aid from concerned authorities and keep the property and environmental damages to a minimum. The aim is to protect through timely prevention and preparation.

What are you waiting for? Get a practical alarm solution installed now!