Buying 3D-Wall Panels for Stage Backdrops


Stage productions have to deal with the same problems as theatrical productions. One of these is set design. An audience member would recognize a realistic set, which can be very hard to do in the theater but easier in films because they can use a computer-generated image. The main problem with this is how expensive this process becomes and how long it takes.


That’s where 3D wall panels come in! These panels are made of high-density foam, so they can easily be cut into shapes and appear three-dimensional on stage when lit from within by a light source. They can be painted on the surface or made of plain white foam.


These panels can also be used on sets in the film industry and in architecture, though this application seems more to be a plan B because they are used to light entire sets rather than individual actors as they are used in stage productions. They can also be used as set pieces for set designers, and that is why they are so commonly seen in theatrical productions. 3D-Wall Panels are very easy to use and hold up well to heat and moisture, so durability is not a problem.


When buying 3D-Wall Panels from Sichuan Hengsheng Light Industry Co., Ltd, it is essential to keep in mind what you will be using the panels for. A set will consist of between one to five light-emitting panels depending on how much lighting is needed for the project. The panels are 3 feet by 6 feet and come in three different sizes based on the amount of lighting. The small panels have a dia of 7 mm and a thickness of 1 mm. The medium panels have a dia of 14 mm and a thickness of 1 mm. And the large panels have a dia of 28 mm and a thickness of 2 mm.

3D wall panels


Although 3D-Wall Panels can be used for set design, they are primarily used in theatrical productions. The most common use of the panels is to create a background or a “behind the scenes” look for studio shoots. They can also be used to make large blanks for lights and special effects that need to be changed because of their size. The panels can come in any color so long as it does not clash with the production or film’s theme.


The panels are 3 feet by 6 feet and can fit with other set pieces. An excellent way to make use of these panels is to have different colored panels in the background to create one giant set piece. The panels can be used as backdrops on a stage and as side walls on a film’s set. For example, they can line an entire wall behind the musicians during a musical production, or they can line an entire street behind buildings in a historical film. The only real limit is the budget and time constraints of the actor or designer, who may need more time to paint individual pieces that will match exactly with their vision of the design.