Know more about the best NFC business cards


With the advent of technology, you must forget the old paper business cards and swipe cards that get lost in wallets. NFC business card technology improves customer service experiences to produce convenience and cutting-edge authenticity when networking with clients. In a clamorous market, it’s tougher to get a brand noticed. If you like your sales team to make an exceptional impression, maybe it’s time for them to begin using NFC business cards instead of the usual paper cards. The need for distinct business cards is needed for all business types.

Get to know more about NFC Business cards

NFC is short for Near Field Communication, this technology lets two devices to communicate when they are close together, usually within four inches or less. You can use NFC for different purposes, yet its more common use is for information sharing and contactless payments. Business cards with NFC are great in that they are naturally along with digital business cards to replace physical business cards. NFC Business cards make it more accessible to exchange contact information than ever. You only have to tap your touchless business cards on someone else’s device and you can move the data immediately.

With digital business cards or NFC Business cards, you can focus on what is essential which is Networking. NFC cards remove the need for entering information manually every time someone purchases and give businesses enhanced data accuracy and security. By using NFC Business cards, companies have the chance to access valuable insights into customer behavior accurately and quickly.

Know the great benefits of NFC Business Cards

  • Ensures that information is not misplaced or lost
  • Allows the fast, contactless transfer of contact details
  • Users can add their portfolio link
  • Easily and rapidly change contact details at a later date
  • Users are allowed to add map details of an office location or address
  • Shows possible customers that users are technologically proficient
  • Offers more flexibility and durability as it is not made of physical material
  • Enables customers to use discounts digitally

Check out the best NFC Business Cards


  • Popl is one of the best digital and NFC business cards by far because you can integrate your profile with an app. Create teams for your employees easily and perform bulk registrations and changes.


  • Blinq is a capable way for businesses to take the edge of NFC technology. By encoding all your vital contact details on a dynamic digital card, Blinq provides businesses the potential to boost lead generation and expedite sales cycles.


  • Mobilo is one of the best when it comes to NFC business cards, this company provides different quality materials such as metal and wood for their cards. Also, they provide CRM integration with app connections that make it easy to share your business details with more people.