Considerations to choose a good club


Personally, I recommend club. Not only because of the fact of belonging to a group of Maslow’s pyramid, but because of the advantages it has. Always have a joker of people to go out to train, if you are one of those who do not train alone … On the other hand, when you have to go to a race, there is no comparison in going only to go with people. And being in a group is always easier to “cheat” someone to come to some test.

Big or small club?

Here I personally prefer a small one like expat social club hk

 Over the years I have evolved on this subject, but in the end I see more advantages than anything else. At the organizational level, they are light years away. I went from one of more than 100 people to one of limit 20 … and in the end; the people who go to the meetings are the same: 20.

On the other hand , in a small group like networking groups hk the deal always tends to be closer and twinned; family . Perhaps a large club may be more impersonal … and the feeling of belonging to a group previously mentioned is lost.

Social club hk

Independent club or “sponsored”?

I explain. This is a personal differentiation, and it is that which distinguishes the clubs that are purely independent and the clubs that are linked to a store or similar. I’m not talking about sponsorship, but about the club’s own name being a store, and being managed as part of it. With headquarters in the store, etc. And if I make this differentiation it’s because I run away from the “sponsored” clubs. On the one hand, they can have the positive part, of having certain advantages with discounts at the store (or not), invitations to some tests … etc. But on the other hand, you can get to feel like a product, and being triathlon a hobby (personal experience), it’s not something you want.

With coach or without?

This is the latest trend in clubs. And the truth is that it can be a great option . In my personal case we do not have a coach in the club. Well, me, but I exercise in my own training club, with a mix of clubs. If we opt for this option, we must be honest, and see if the level is appropriate for us (or individualize enough). A coach that has, for example 20 people, of different levels with the same training … bad subject.

And you? Do you belong to a club? If so, tell us what factors you took into account to decide and help future colleagues to decide on the comments!