The Vacant Home Insurance Perils That Every Homeowner Should Know Of


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The Vacant Home Insurance Perils

Peril means the specific event that can cause a loss of your property like fire, windstorm, flood, and so much more. It is important that you understand each of the perils that are commonly covered by vacant home insurance policies. Remember that when you want to protect your property with an insurance policy, you need to identify the perils that you want to protect your house from. 

average cost of vacant home insurance

  • Fire and Smoke. Your home, belongings, and other structures like the garage or the shed are covered for fire and smoke damage.
  • Lightning Strikes. Certain damage from lighting is covered by the insurance policies. There are other policies that will also extend to the protection against power surges that usually happen as a result of a strike.
  • Windstorm and Hail. Wind damage from tornado, for example, is covered by your home insurance. This will also include protection against hail damage, wind-driven rain or snow that can get inside of a house that has been damaged by the storm.
  • This can be caused by an aerosol can or a propane grill. The damages that resulted from these explosions are covered by the homeowner’s insurance.
  • Vandalism and Malicious Mischief. The insurance policy will usually cover the damage that can be a result of this acts. This would include the repair and rebuilding of your home. It can also include the replacement of any damaged possessions caused by the event.
  • Water Damage. This can be caused by bursting of pipes or water heaters and when the cause is sudden and unintentional.
  • The weight of Ice, Snow, or Sleet. When snow causes the damage of your roof, your insurance coverage will help cover for your loss, the damage to your home and your property.

These are some of the perils that are covered by your insurance policy. For EK Insurance, there is no exact estimate for the coverage. But in general, the average cost of vacant home insurance is 50% to 60% more of what you normally pay for your homeowner policy. Many would wonder why their vacant homes really need to be covered by the insurance. But to make your property secured, make sure that you get a coverage from EK Insurance.